The Butchko Wedding


Jazmin Martinez


Wesley Butchko

March 13, 2023

Temecula, CA

A picture perfect meeting...


On a blisteringly hot day in August of 2015, a small photo crew gathered at a home studio in Monterey Park, California. The shoot's producer, Wes Butchko, landing bright and early to prep for the day, never suspected the woman he would one day fall in love with, and eventually propose to, was mere hours away from walking into his life. Miles away, a young makeup assistant, Jazmin Martinez, bitter with the world, but not with her coffee, helped pack her car with hair and makeup supplies for the shoot she was about to assist on. Unbeknownst to her, she would be driving to meet the man she would share her life with. Upon meeting, Wes was smitten with Jazmin, seeing a beautiful young woman bursting with personality, he knew he had make time during their busy day to talk with her. Jazmin, thinking Wes was a good-natured goofball, was happy he'd taken the time to strike up a conversation and introduce himself. Little did either of them know, that conversation would be the first of many (literally endless) conversations that would lead them into each others lives.