Jacki & Kurt

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Jacki DeMarchi


Kurt Roudebush

April 28, 2024

Silverado, CA
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How We Met

A Modern Day, COVID Love Story

Sometime in mid November 2020, through the Tinderverse this pair of starcrossed lovers first connected. Kurt superliked Jacki, Jacki was very intrigued by this man who had photos ranging from backpacking in the wilderness to wearing lederhosen while enjoying a pint, and a profile that among other things read, "Just a man with a sense of adventure and no co-pilot". They connected quickly over text and after an initial facetime call they set up their first date at the Great Park in Irvine. Jacki brought a loaf of fresh sourdough, cheese and olive oil. Kurt brought two bottles of wine so Jacki could pick. They had such a good time that all the bread was consumed, both bottles of wine were drank and they left 6 hours later only because they were absolutely freezing. Date #2 was quickly set up (Jacki taught Kurt how to play pickleball) followed by date #3 where they took Sierra to the dog beach and attempted to eat bagels but were dive bombed by romping pups who sprayed sand all over the cream cheese. At this point they realized this was a pretty good match and dates turned into camping trips. Somewhere in the Sespe Wilderness, in an area where they were apparently not allowed to camp, and while sipping some very nice bourbon Kurt asked Jacki if she would take a new title, girlfriend. Now, three years later and they are both getting new titles, Mr. & Mrs. :)

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