Peter & Theresa

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September 29, 2023

Chicago, IL
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We are so excited to celebrate our big day with you! Please use this website to explore and stay on top of important information pertaining to our wedding :)

Our First Date


After just over a week of texting back and forth, Peter was excited to take Theresa out on a date. They bonded over golf (which luckily she picked up during the quarantine) so he made a reservation at Big Mini Putt in Wicker Park. On the very first hole, she got a hole a one! After that, he knew that SHE was the one. After Theresa defeated Peter in mini golf, they had dinner at Club Lucky in Bucktown (he had made THREE different reservations for dinner!). Over a delicious meal, they discovered that they had common goals in life, and for what they want in a partner. They especially bonded over their love for wine, sports, and doggies. Theresa remembered that Peter said he put red pepper flakes on everything and noticed that there weren't any on the table. After she asked the waiter for some, his jaw hit the floor. That weekend, he brought her a dozen of beautiful red roses, and the rest is history.

The Proposal

Pete knew he wanted to propose to Theresa shortly after she drained a hole-in-one on their first date. Jokes aside, on their first date they discussed their jobs and Pete told Theresa about President's Club being an all expenses paid trip if he were to qualify and that was one of his biggest goals. The entire year, Theresa was always extremely supportive through the high’s and low’s. Pete knew he was going to propose one way or another but thought it would be incredible to be able to do it in Maui. Things started to line up and the search was on for the perfect ring. Pete qualified for P-Club on the last day of the year and had about two months to find the ring, secure it and come up with how he was going to propose. Pete lined up a photographer in Maui to meet them discreetly at Ironwoods Beach where she would walk in front of them, and she told him that when she put her bag down, walk ahead of her and propose because she knew the best spot for the pic. The day of the proposal, Pete got very quiet. He didn’t want Theresa to know and didn’t know how to get her to the Ironwoods Cliffs without being obvious. He positioned that they go watch the sunset and head to dinner afterwards. While Theresa was getting ready, she found Pete out on the balcony not listening to music at all but the biggest tell all was that he was not watching Monday Night Football. He was even doing push-ups. She knew something was coming. After getting lost in Ritz-Carlton, they finally found their way to the path the photographer was talking about. They walked to the beach and Pete noticed the photographer. As instructed, they walked past her and after a while, Pete saw that she put her bag down and he immediately started to tell Theresa how important she was to him and how he is crazy about her. Mid-sentence, Pete looked at the photographer and she was shaking her head no. Turns out, she was adjusting her strap. Pete cut the speech and kept walking to the cliffs. After a short walk, Pete immediately knew the spot she was talking about. Pete got down on one knee and asked Theresa to marry him! Her answer, TBD…