Isabella & Garrett

The Wedding of


Garrett Sweeterman


Isabella Whaley



April 13

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How We Met

Our paths intertwined at THE Florida State University. After knowing of each other for years, a night out at Tallahassee's infamous Recess with mutual friends finally brought us together. Garrett brought up slalom skiing and the rest was history. We immediately clicked, and from that moment on, were pretty much inseparable.

How He Proposed

It was in Islamorada on Indian Key, one of our favorite places in the world, that Garrett popped the question. We anchored our little boat, waded out to the island on foot, and explored the preserve together. We eventually reached a clearing in the mangroves that overlooked Alligator Reef and the Florida Straits. This is where Garrett got down on one knee. After lots of happy tears, smooches, and a lil champagne, we cruised out to the reef, snorkeled with sea turtles and goliath groupers, and enjoyed what we both deem the best day ever.