Alison & Ike





Happily eloped 4/21/23

Our Story

Craigslist Roommates get Married

When Alison moved to Norfolk in 2019, she rented an apartment and posted the spare room on Craigslist. A stranger named Ike responded to her posting, and Alison decided that he would be a great roommate since he would barely be around due to an upcoming deployment. Ike's deployment was postponed, and after a few brewery tours, weekend hikes, and jenga tournaments, Alison and Ike started dating. After almost two years as roommates, Ike moved to Roanoke, VA for a fellowship, and now lives in Wisconsin. Ike proposed to Alison in the Shenandoah mountains, at the site of their first hike, in November 2022. They have hiked in 10 states together and grown three avocado trees. Ike looks forward to selling the rights to their love story to create a blockbuster rom-com movie.