Hina & Homan

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Vienna, VA

Our Story

In November 2018, 2 months after moving to DC, Hina was on her second trip to the hospital in a few months (everything turned out fine, btw). Sitting by herself in an Uber in a completely new city, miles away from family, she felt lonely. What does one do in this predicament? Log in to Bumble and see if any of the men have "will drive you to the hospital" energy. In February 2019, on a snowy day, Homan was hanging out in the living room of his shared house. His two friends, healing fresh wounds from their recent breakups, had their heads down, swiping repeatedly. "I guess this is what we do now", Homan thought and downloaded Bumble. He matched with Hina, and gave her his best reply: "how's your snow day going?" Fast forward to March 1st, Hina and Homan met at All Souls Bar in DC and spent four hours talking. She was drawn to his laid-back demeanor, kind smile, and how he laughed. He appreciated her humor, honesty, and open-mindedness. Hina texted her friends from the bathroom: "this guy is definitely husband material". Not wanting to get ahead of himself, Homan played it a bit more cool, telling his friends: "yeah she seemed cool." She would turn out to be his first and last “app” date. They have been together ever since. Hina now knows the names of at least 10 NBA players and Homan's repertoire of Bollywood movies is growing rapidly. They love learning about each other's cultures, spending time with loved ones, and lounging around in their beloved apartment in Columbia Heights. Most importantly, they have supported each other through life's joys and challenges, learning and growing together along the way. They know this is just the beginning and can’t wait to make it official with their loved ones this summer!