Samantha & Colin


Samantha Hoxie


Colin Ham

January 20, 2024

Mims, FL
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How We Met

We have actually known each other since we were about 12 and 13. Sam would fly down to Florida to visit her dad in the summertime growing up, who is a good friend of Colin's parents, and Sam became friends with Colin's older sister, Corissa. Colin insists that he had a crush on Sam when they were younger, but she refuses to believe him. Fast forward to 12 years later, Sam moved down to Orlando, Florida to work at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Colin was still living and working in Cocoa, Florida. We reconnected at a joint family dinner around Christmas time in 2017, which may or may not have included 1 or 3 sangrias, and the rest was history. Neither one of us really saw the other one coming. But, as fate would have it, we found each other again. Maybe not exactly how we expected, but exactly as we needed.

The Proposal

Anyone who knows us knows that Sam is an escape room junkie. We do them as often as we can with friends of ours (shout out to Katy & Cory!), and it's become our recurring double-date event with them. Sam may or may not have dropped a few hints that "getting engaged in an escape room would be cool"...and boy did Colin deliver. It happened to be our 4 year dating anniversary and the room we decided to do was at a local place nearby to where we were living at the time. About 80% of the game was played in COMPLETE DARKNESS, so you can imagine the surprise when the lights came on and Colin was down on one knee. Needless to say, it was the easiest thing Sam has said "YES" to in her life, and the rest is history in the making. We are so ready for this next chapter in our lives & we could not be happier to celebrate it with those that we love! See you there!