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WELCOME! We are so excited to have you join us in Merida, Mexico for our wedding! We know that traveling to a wedding in a remote location can be a lot to coordinate, so we wanted to provide you with as much information as possible to make your trip as smooth as possible. Reach out to either of us with any questions!


Hacienda Santa Cruz

S/N Calle 86, Mérida, Yuc. 97315, Mexico

All wedding celebrations will take place at Hacienda Santa Cruz, a 16th century colonial estate-turned-resort. Our negotiated wedding rates for your stay at the Hacienda, available from March 14th thru 20th, are as follows: Standard room (2 people): 2,900 Mexican pesos per night Junior suite (3 people): 3,650 Mexican pesos per night Master suite (4 people): 4,500 Mexican pesos per night Please note, all prices above include all taxes and fees; nothing additional will be added. To book at the discounted wedding rate, go to the Hacienda Santa Cruz website and click BOOK NOW. *Do NOT click “have a promo code?”…instead, click “Find Availability.” In the next window you will see a section called “Promoción aplicada”…select the option, BODA, and then enter the discount code (SCHH24). For any booking-related questions or assistance, our coordinator at the Hacienda, Sandy Ortiz, will be happy to help you. She can be reached via phone, email or Whatsapp using the link below. Sandy’s contact information: http://online.anyflip.com/vkkwq/mrxa/mobile/

Discount Code - SCHH24


Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport (MID)

The closest international airport is the Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport (MID), located right in town and a ten minute drive from our wedding venue. There are direct flights to MID from many major cities in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Once you arrive at MID, if you have not booked a rental car, you can take a taxi or Uber to Hacienda Santa Cruz or to any venue where you might opt to stay. For those who might prefer to fly into Cancun airport, this is located about 4.5 hours away and we recommend arranging a rental car.

Rental Car

Mérida Airport

Mérida, Yuc., Mexico

We recommend booking your rental car in advance to get the best rates. Prices go up significantly when you book in person. We strongly recommend booking with either National or Enterprise; they share an office and in our experience the service was great. We have booked with Hertz as well, which was just fine, but for some reason it seems everyone books with them and the office is very busy. The rental car offices are located just across the street from the airport, easy peasy - no need to wait for shuttles if you can manage the walk with your luggage. We cannot provide a recommendation for booking with companies other than these ones.

Travel Note

Cancun to Merida Itinerary

Some of our guests may consider flying into Cancun Airport, rather than Merida - depending on where you'll be traveling from. We have done the drive from Cancun to Merida before (and will actually be flying into and out of this airport ourselves!). From Cancun Airport to Hacienda Santa Cruz, our wedding venue, its just about 3 hours 15 minutes. This is a straight, safe route through the verdant landscape of Yucatan with lots of amazing places to stop on the way, if you have the time for a more leisurely trip. We're not exactly sure what the toll charge is in 2024, but be sure to have some Mexican pesos for tolls along the way. A few points of interest, all of which are suitable for kids and adults: -Cenotés- These are gorgeous natural water pools formed in lime sinkholes that have filled from underwater springs. Prepare to be transported to a higher plane. One of the most unique and special experiences you absolutely cannot skip when you come to the Yucatan. There are soooo many on the way but three to check out are--Cenoté Oxman, Cenoté Xcanahaltun, and Cenoté Xkeken. -Chichen Itza- An amazing relic of the Mayan world - huge historic site complex with incredible pyramid, ancient ball court, and many other architectural sites. The lines to get in can be long, but if you're willing to pay a little more (we remember it being about $50 a person) pay to skip the line and get your own personal tour guide. Ours was amazing and so knowledgeable. -Valladolid- Gorgeous old city about halfway between Cancun and Mérida. You could easily spend the day here if that timing works with your trip, or stop for a pit stop, walk or meal. -Izamal- Another picturesque old city, painted almost entirely in golden yellow and white, one of Mexico's "pueblos magicos" (magic cities). Also could easily make a day of your trip here, or just a stop for lunch and short walk.