Ally & Aaron







October 14, 2023

Camarillo, CA
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How They Met

Ally and Aaron met through a mutual friend 16 years ago in 2007 at Camp Alonim in Simi Valley, where they both had attended since childhood. Although they stayed friends, as the years went by, Ally developed a little crush on Aaron. Little did Ally know, Aaron had a crush on her a couple years before. Nonetheless, He was in a relationship at the time so, friends is what they remained. As Ally went off to college, they stayed in contact for a bit but then lost touch. 2018 came along and Ally was in San Diego for a wedding during Memorial Day Weekend. She decided to stay the whole weekend and met up with some friends who were there as well. While on the way to a bar, on a random street near Gaslamp, Ally noticed a familiar smile and laugh. She realized it was indeed Aaron Galaif with some of his friends. She proceeded to text to be sure it was him. He asked her to meet up at a bar he and his friends were going to. After they had a couple drinks, Aaron asked if she would go out with him on a date when they got back to Los Angeles..she said yes. Four years later, Aaron brought Ally back to the very place where they first met, Camp Alonim. He drove her up to one of camp's best views where their family was waiting for them. As he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, Ally continued to cry and nodded eagerly and said yes! We can't wait to share this incredible day with you all in October 2023!