Fatmatta & Oludare






July 8, 2023

Springfield, VA
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How We Met

It All Started in the Church

Our story begins over 20 years ago.......We met at church in Alexandria, VA and became fond of each other very early. As we got older, we continued to remain friends, but as time passed, our life goals took us in different directions. In 2022, Fatmatta reached out to Olu as she noticed he was back from the Air Force and Olu suggested that they go on a date. The moment Fatmatta and Olu reconnected, their former bond was reignited and it felt like they never skipped a beat. From that moment on, Olu and Fatmatta were inseparable.

The Proposal

It Was a Thanksgiving! - November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving day would be a moment to remember! Olu planned to ask for Famatta's hand in marriage while everyone was sharing what they were thankful for. When it was Olu's turn he stuttered a bit, but eventually said that he was most thankful for having Fatmatta in his life. During this time, Fatmatta was washing the dishes and surprised that Olu had walked and got down on one knee with a ring in his hand. Without hesitation she accepted his proposal and they lived happily ever after....The end.