Celebrate the love of the future Mr. & Mrs Lindain.
Celebrate the love of the future Mr. & Mrs Lindain.

Ernie & Eesa

ERNIE & EESA are getting married!


Ernie Lindain Jr


Eesa Velasco

September 22, 2023

Jersey City, NJ
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How They Met


Before they met, Ernie was busy helping patients at The Brooklyn Hospital Center, while Eesa was finishing up dental school at the University of Colorado. It wasn't until September 2020 that they would end up crossing paths for the first time. The encounter took place in Eesa's mom's dental office, where Ernie's mom had an appointment. Eesa was called by her mom to come to the office to meet "someone." That someone ended up being Ernie, and the rest was history. From their shared love of basketball, sushi and Korean BBQ dates, these two shared an instant connection. Fast forward to 2023, they are ready to start a lifetime of memories together through the sacrament of marriage. They hope to share this special moment with all their family and friends on Friday, September 22nd. :)