Emelina & Jarred



Emelina Weaver


Jarred Merino


April 22, 2023

San Tan Valley, AZ

The Day Jarred asked for me to be his FOREVER…

How We Met…

July 22nd, 2017

Jarred and I first laid eyes on each other in Las Vegas on Jarred’s “Golden” Birthday (22nd Bday) 07.22.17!! What We thought would be the last time we ever saw each; became the start of our love story. Little did we know, Las Vegas would be the reason for so many memories! January 1st, 2018 is when the Real Love Story began… what should have remained “just friends” ended up being the weekend that Jarred and I realized we were really into one another and that there was a connection neither of us could fight!! The following week by the grace of God; Jarred ended up not making it out to his trip in Europe. Instead, he came up to stay the week with Kaeleb and I. That week changed everything!! Althought it took Jarred the following month to ask me to be his girlfreind. That week that he stayed with me in California was the start of our year long distance relationship! From there we have created nothing but memories. Fast forward to now on July 23rd, 2021 Jarred had asked for my hand in marriage with the help of close friends and family and of course our beloved Kaeleb!!

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