Alexandra Highfill


Emanuel Salcedo

April 11, 2024

Apache Junction, AZ
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How They Met- May 2017

They met at a weekend game night. Alex was there with Manny’s sister Karina. By chance, they ended up as partners in a game of spades. Manny didn’t really notice Alex at first, what he really focused on was how good she was at spades. But Alex noticed Manny. She secretly whispered to Karina “he’s cute right?” And Karina replied - “that’s my brother!” As they ran the game table that night, sparks flew, but the first move was still to come. A few weeks later and everyone gathered at Manny’s to watch the NBA Finals. Another night of friends, drinks and innocent flirting between Manny and Alex. As our beautiful Alex was leaving for the night, she tripped on the porch and fell flat on her face. She popped right up and laughed it off, but she heard a second laugh behind her. Manny was on his way to get her number and witnessed the whole thing. As he helped her back on her feet, he nonchalantly asked for her number and the rest is history.

The Proposal- February 17th, 2023

They planned a trip downtown to enjoy the afternoon at the museum of Science and Industry. It was perfectly planned to be the coldest day of 2023. As the thermometer hovered around zero degrees - Manny had the spontaneous idea to walk around Millennium Park. Manny needed a couple of words of encouragement before they braved the frozen tundra, but instead they ducked into a bar and he shotgunned two beers before they headed out into the cold. They strolled through the park against the wind, and there by a beautiful wintry landscape, without another soul in sight, they found themselves standing alone. Manny then got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and gave a sweet proposal. She said Yes! They kissed, cried and celebrated with dinner and drinks at TAO! And what did Alex and Manny learn from their frozen proposal -? Let’s get married in Arizona.