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We're getting married!

Joshua Eassa


Devon Dunbar

October 26, 2024

Oneida, NY
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Our Story

First comes school, then comes marriage (and a bunch of stuff in between).

#NerdAlert: Josh & Devon met at an honor society induction ceremony at the end of their freshman year at SUNY Potsdam. Students at the ceremony were lined up in alphabetical order before proceeding to the stage and their seats, so it was by that chance of having last names that were alphabetically close, that they were next to each other. Josh introduced himself, offered his hand to shake, and Devon thought the formality was a little odd, but went along with it. Throughout the ceremony, Josh kept making funny comments to Devon. It didn't go unnoticed by some audience members! Devon's parents were quick to ask who the cute guy sitting next to her was, and why he was making her giggle. A couple of weeks went by, and the two saw glimpses of each other in passing - often between classes or on the way to or from dinner. It turned out that Josh & Devon had some mutual friends, and they ended up hanging out together at a dorm party - they didn't leave each other's sides all night (they stayed up until 5am!). At this point, they had 2 weeks left of their freshman year of college. They spent every free second together during those last 2 weeks, survived their first summer apart, and went on to finish their undergraduate degrees together. After college, life was a whirlwind! Josh and Devon both focused on setting themselves in the right direction for their careers. They went to graduate school - each in their own programs at different schools in Syracuse. They became each other's supports and learned how to navigate adulthood together. They lived together with friends in an apartment, and then bought their own house and now have 2 cats! (Zena and Potato). Now that schooling and career steps are out of the way, they're happy to finally be tying the knot!

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