Denisha & Rico

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Denisha McQueen


Rico Williams


November 11, 2023

Los Angeles, CA

How It Started

Their story began on a Summer night out back in 2019. Denisha and her girlfriends planned an impromptu girls trip to San Diego for the weekend. They ended up at a popular hookah lounge in Downtown San Diego when Denisha and Rico first saw each other. He offered to take a photo of the girls, then later sat next to them. Denisha was instantly attracted to him and made her way to go sit by his side. When she smiled at him, Rico saw her gold grill (IYKYK) and instantly put his grill in and smiled back. Rico and Denisha spent the rest of the night getting to know each other; the energy between them was undeniable. Once the weekend was over, Denisha thought that would be the last she would ever see him. They stayed in touch for a while but because of the distance Denisha felt that a long-distance relationship wasn't possible. Denisha and Rico had lost touch for over a year when Denisha and her girls planned another San Diego trip to celebrate a birthday. Denisha's friends told her she should reach out to Rico and she decided to once they arrived. The whole group made plans to hang out that weekend and Denisha and Rico picked up like they never lost touch. Shortly after, Rico had a conversation about Denisha with his daughter, which was a big step since family is so important to the both of them. They met up soon after and with no hesitation made it official! Since they first met, Rico always told Denisha she was going to be his wife. Soon after beginning their relationship, Denisha and Rico talked about marriage and both knew it was what they wanted. Denisha always told Rico she didn't want a big marriage proposal, but something small and intimate. Rico did just that, when he gathered Denisha's mom, stepdad, brothers and their daughters when he popped the question.