Debbie & Nasir



Debbie Stromes


Nasir Amarah


May 25, 2024

Brewster, NY
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The Edge: A Love Story

Hey babe, do you want to buy some supplements?

Once upon a time there was a girl named Debbie. In November 2019, Debbie joined a local gym, The Edge Fitness Club. Debbie was so excited! They had stair masters, a movie theater, Zumba and more! And as part of joining the gym Debbie was also scheduled for a complimentary 30 minute session with a personal trainer. Debbie knew whoever the trainer was, they were going to try and sell her sessions. Debbie promised herself that she wouldn’t be convinced to sign up. Debbie was sitting on the couch waiting for the trainer to come get her, and when he did, he said, “ Hey Debbie! My name is Nas.” Nas was so charming, so nice, and so cute! Debbie couldn’t resist! For the next two months their friendship developed and grew. During personal training sessions they had deep, meaningful, and fun conversations. There was a mutual feeling of happiness and comfort. Debbie and Nas also loved being silly together. Debbie often came early to the gym to do cardio and looked for Nas on the gym floor. Debbie decided to make this into a game, “I spy a Nas.” When Debbie saw Nas she texted him and said, “ I spied you!” Nas found this cute and hoped Debbie would continue personal training sessions. Then all of a sudden, an unprecedented event occurred, the COVID -19 Pandemic. In early March 2020 the gyms closed, closing the only door that allowed Debbie and Nas to see each other. However, Nas made an effort to keep in contact with his current and past clients. Debbie and Nas started texting more frequently. They talked about the pandemic, what they were doing, and things they missed doing. One day Nas and Debbie were talking about hiking. Debbie told Nas that she hadn’t gone hiking in a long time and would like to hike again soon. Nas suggested they go hiking together and Debbie agreed. Well, one hike turned into weekly hikes. Nas and Debbie started spending every weekend together. They met up at the Park and Ride in the early mornings, then spent the day with the sun, the trees, the lakes and each other. Debbie was very interested in Nas, and thought Nas was interested in her too. That Memorial Day weekend they hiked Sweetcake Mountain, went to lunch, got froyo, watched a movie, and then headed back to the Park and Ride so Debbie could get her car. At the Park and Ride they sat in the car listening to the Backstreet Boys (their favorite music group as a couple). “All I Have to Give” began playing. It was one of those awkward moments where two people just look at each other and wonder what’s going to happen next. Nas then leaned in for a kiss and Debbie leaned in to meet him. Three years later, after so many wonderful memories, love, inside jokes, living together and having a kitty child, Nas got down on one knee in a beautiful Caribbean island and asked Debbie to marry him. Debbie was overjoyed and said yes immediately! Debbie and Nas are now planning the biggest celebration of their love and are SO excited to live #amaraheverafter

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