As a reminder: Our Wedding is Friday, September 22nd. We cannot wait to see everyone!
As a reminder: Our Wedding is Friday, September 22nd. We cannot wait to see everyone!

Connie & Stephen

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

The Wedding Website of Connie Alvarez and Stephen Wrzalinski
Meet our family and friends who are walking down the aisle with us!

Jillian Olewinski

Matron of Honor

Although I have many sisters, I consider Jillian another one of mine. Through any ups and downs we have been a part of one another’s lives since we were tiny babies. When our dads would go out we would have sleepovers, drive to the mall, play “Say What Karaoke,” have parties - the fun was endless. I could ask for no better person to be my MOH than this beautiful soul sister of mine.

Tiffany Alvarez

Maid of Honor

My favorite eldest sister and although we still wish her name was Jessica, our Titi is the true definition of a ride or die. She has protected me and loved Stephen & our boys with her whole heart. Her smile and laughter have always been contagious. When we were kids she always asked me “to do something funny.” Clearly, I was her favorite personal clown and that’s fine because that’s what younger sisters are for, right?

Irene Lopez


My sweet sister Irene is wise beyond her years. She always brings such joy to our lives with her silliness and infectious smile. Growing up, we would sing Chandelier at the top of our lungs while cooking dinner and had the best time. It’s a blessing to have her be a part of our very special day.

Shai Ligum

Best Man

Uncle Shai is more like family to Stephen and I. I even “yell” at Stephen when he asks if it’s okay if he comes over. Clearly, it’s always okay. Our boys gets super excited when they know he’s going to visit. Stephen couldn’t have asked for a better Best Man.

Danny Klus


Danny still loves Taco Friday and will forever be the life of the party!

Alex Harris


Is he serious?

Noah Alvarez

Jr. Groomsman

Rumor has it he's still asleep and doesn't know what year it is.

Jacob Wrzalinski

Jr. Groomsman

If it isn't bussin', he won't eat it. #benches500

Logan Wrzalinski

Ring Bearer

Tiny dictator

Maddie Marquez

Flower Girl

Logan's dictator.

Fiona Olewinski

Flower Girl

She thinks she's a cat, but we will tell her the truth eventually.

Connie Perez

Mother of the Bride

Still my favorite Momma!

Kathy Wrzalinski

Mother of the Groom

Groom's favorite Momma!

Jesse Alvarez

Father of the Bride

Probably his favorite.