Cherrelle & Brandon



Cherrelle Townsend


Brandon Richardson


December 29, 2023

McKinney, TX
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How we met

Are you going to Paris, TX?

Brandon and Cherrelle met online on Match.com…(single people, online dating works 👀) in September of 2022. They were both sticking their toe in the dating pool to see what was out there with the goal of making a genuine connection that would hopefully lead to love even though they both had doubts during our time on the app. 😩 The time they spent conversing on the app is a blur to both of them but they do remember their first phone conversation. Brandon called Cherrelle while she was packing for her trip to Paris that was scheduled for the next day. When she told him that he asked if she was going to Paris, TX. She responded with, “what” because she had never heard of Paris, TX and proceeded to tell him in her bougiest voice… “no, Paris, France.” She remembers him being so excited for her that it intrigued her to want to know more about a man who didn’t know her from a can of paint, but shared so much joy with her for a trip she was going on. While she was preparing to head to the airport the next day, Brandon text her a long message with his email and he asked her to let him know she made it safely. She thought it was the cutest and funniest thing ever. She was thinking it’s 2022, texting and talking will work on her phone. Him sending his email felt so old school to her. Lol. They spent the next week while she was in Paris, texting one another until she got scared of actually liking him and him being a catfish so she told him she wouldn’t have her phone for the rest of the trip. He continued to text her each day just to see how she was and she would respond with a “great” or “thank you” lol. She made it back home on a Friday evening, and early the next morning received a text from Brandon checking on her thinking she was still in France. She responded and told him, she was back home and he didn’t waste anytime to ask her out on a date that same night. She was weary but honestly this is what she wanted - to see him in person and make sure he wasn’t a catfish. Well, they met up that night at a speakeasy and they ended up spending the whole weekend together. He came to her church the next morning and took her on our first official date after service. They have not gone a day without talking since first meeting in person. Brandon literally showed up for Cherrelle in so many ways that they cannot all be be captured here.

The proposal

After only 3 months of dating…

Cherrelle’s POV: On January 14, 2023, I was having my annual birthday photo shoot and Brandon gave me the surprise of my life when he proposed to me at a barn in Mesquite, TX. Brandon describes me as an answered prayer for him. He is the blessing that I believed God for and we are over the moon filled with joy to be on this journey together.