Celia & Andy

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We're Getting Married!





August 3, 2024

Casco, ME

The Beginning


We met in early Spring 2021 when COVID was still keeping all of us from living the lives that we wanted to. Our first date was outdoors, in a world of social distancing. It took about 7 minutes for us both to realize we were in for a long, cold outdoors day in March. We collected blankets from our cars and settled in on the Eastern Promenade in Portland for hours of talking, connecting, eating food truck tacos, and laughing. A few years, two new careers, lots of trips, and even more walks with Bowen later, here we are—still regularly visiting our first date spot, but now completely and utterly in love! We are totally ready, and even more excited to start the newest chapter in our story: marriage!

The Proposal


We’ve always connected through music—sharing artists and singing along to our favorites. One artist in particular seems to capture who we are as people particularly well: Grady Spencer and the Work. When we realized they were touring, we knew we needed to see them live, so we decided on the furthest location from Maine: San Diego. We flew out that Friday morning, saw the city, settled in, and headed to the beach for a west coast sunset before the show. That’s where Andy asked the easiest question ever and Celia said yes! Beaming with excitement, we shared an intimate dinner together, then headed to the show where we danced and sang our hearts out to every song. All before Grady Spencer himself gave the happy couple a shoutout on stage, dedicating the show to the two super-fans who traveled across the country to get engaged and come to their show. It was magic, all thanks to Andy’s hard work and planning. We have been excited ever since, and we can’t wait to finally celebrate with you all and share the magic!

At The Lake

We are lucky enough to be sharing our day with you in a place that we hold close to our hearts. Andy's lifetime best friend, Shawn, along with his wife, Kait, and family have graciously extended the invitation for us to spend the day on the lake with our friends and family at their family camp on Sebago. Andy has spent many summer days on the dock, paddleboarding the cove, and eating Pubmix while watching the sunset there. More recently, Celia has joined in on the fun and enjoyed sharing in the special moments that Sebago Lake creates. We are thrilled and honored that we can share the ultimate memory of our wedding day in one of our favorite places that we've spent time together as a couple. Thank you to the Pennels Family for extending the magic to all of us on our day!

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