Cecily & Wilson

Welcome to our Wedding!


Cecily Lan


Wilson Chen

May 20, 2023

San Francisco, CA
55 days55 d37 minutes37 min51 seconds51 s

How we first met!

Cecily and Wilson’s love story began in 2015 at UCLA. ​Cecily was first to notice Wilson (we all know Cecily has a sharp eye and impeccable taste), but Wilson was too busy talking to a friend to notice her. So when the opportunity came for Cecily to meet Wilson again for dinner at a steakhouse, accompanied by a mutual friend, knives were out because she knew the stakes were high. Under this glow of candlelight, Cecily caught Wilson's eye and Wilson (figuratively) pushed his other love (the steak) aside, to make room for the one he would quickly grow to love most; he fell for Cecily instantly. They continued this dance, but this time it was Wilson who tried especially hard to sweep Cecily off her feet - he took this first step by surprising her with a Valentine's Day date after her graduate school auditions. From that date on, Cecily and Wilson could not stop hanging out with each other, sharing in each other’s love for anime, food, and Korean dramas. In March 2016, Wilson mustered up the courage to ask Cecily out to be his girlfriend. After being rejected multiple times, Wilson lured Cecily in with the one thing he knew neither of them would turn down - an edible arrangement to enter into a new relationship arrangement - and, finally, Cecily gladly accepted. The years to follow were certainly not easy. Like a K-drama, Cecily and Wilson would unfortunately have to endure years of long distance since Wilson had to go to pharmacy school all the way out in Michigan (for context, the distance between San Jose and Ann Arbor is about halfway from San Jose to Seoul). However, Cecily and Wilson's love for each other knows no distance and they would not let distance break them up. Through countless flights and thousands of hours spent speaking over Facetime, Cecily and Wilson persevered until Wilson was able to come back to California. Eventually after 6.5 years of dating, Wilson finally took Cecily on a trip to Asia and proposed to Cecily while eating at Les Amis in Singapore. Though Wilson forgot to go down one knee because he was so nervous, Cecily ecstatically said yes.

Being foodies, what's the best meal you have eaten together?

This question is impossible to answer since we have so many favorite meals together! Here are some places that are on the top of our list: - Benu in San Francisco - Californios in San Francisco - Tsuta in Tokyo - The French Laundry in Yountville - Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles - Din Tai Fung (but only the one in Taiwan) in Taipei - Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao in Queens - Tempura Matsui in New York City - Vesta in Redwood City - Le Palais in Taipei - San Ho Won (best Galbi ever) in San Francisco - Toast Box in Singapore - Wong Ah Wah Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur - Gaggan Anand in Bangkok - Thipsamai (best Pad Thai ever) in Bangkok - Juni in San Francisco

What's your favorite trip that you have taken together?

Our favorite trip is probably our most recent trip where Wilson proposed. We went to Singapore, then Kuala Lumpur for a Wedding, and then finally Phuket and Bangkok in Thailand.