Cassandra & Oscar


Oscar Flores


Cassandra Koekemoer



August 19

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Our Story

We actually met in passing in Junior High, which is crazy to think about! We had mutual friends for years, but Oscar didn’t catch my eye until we had assigned seats next to each other in Spanish class (of all places)! I was in 11th grade and Oscar was a senior, he got the courage to ask me to prom with the cutest stuffed dog (I still have it) and a box of milk duds with a note at the bottom. Naturally Oscar made me eat them all before I could read the note. It only took me all day, but when I finally got to the bottom, I knew I couldn’t say no! Oscar then had to build up the courage to ask my dads permission. To our surprise, my dad said yes! If we only knew what was about to unfold. Fast forward 10 years later, we are both graduates of A-State in Jonesboro, AR, Oscar moved to Topeka, KS for 6 months (the hardest of my life), we (barely) survived long distance after being inseparable for years. Then Oscar made his way to Tulsa, OK and I soon followed. We have been thriving here in Tulsa for going on 5 years now. Oscar has since left the news industry, dabbled in banking, and now finds himself as a Jr Accountant for a lumber company. I have worked my way through the healthcare system going from a secretary, PT tech, to being a PT Assistant for the largest privately owned hospital (probably company too) in Tulsa! We have my 2 beautiful dogs that Oscar has been around since they were puppies, but has now adopted as his own. We are (finally) tying the knot after going on 3 years of engagement! Oscar proposed at one of the most beautiful parks in Tulsa (Woodward) overlooking downtown (one of our favorite places to be) with the help of our new friend (at the time) and her mom Emily and Kristie Blakley. These two have become our second family in Tulsa and little did Emily (or I for that matter) know that she would go on to become one of my very best friends and now my maid of honor. Not to my surprise, 12/5/2020 (the proposal day) was at the end of my first semester out of five semesters of school. I had just started! What was Oscar thinking? We had planned on wedding planning during my summer off between my first and second year, but we spent our summer trying to purchase a home even through all the craziness of COVID, we were successful! But of course we had to push the wedding planning. I made it through the craziness of school and we hit the ground running planning almost immediately, but nothing was set in stone until November 2022. We originally wanted an October/November wedding, but we sacrificed our date for one of the most beautiful venues in Tulsa. It won’t be any less spectacular (don’t you worry)! We cannot wait to be surrounded by the people that matter most. See you on the big day!