Cadeidra & Saiyd


Saiyd Smith


Cadeidra Green

April 11, 2024

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Meet Mr. and Mrs Smith


Love during a pandemic was God's Design. Both Saiyd and Cadeidra moved to Richmond, "Virginia for Lovers" in 2015 within 30 days of each other but never crossed paths until the World was in full lockdown. We both was told by friends to try dating and putting all hesitation aside we took a leap of faith with a dating platform. We would drop the information but they didn't cut the check **haha** Back to the story; Cadeidra was attracted to Saiyd's amazing Smile and Saiyd was looking at full body pictures. We talk hours and hours on the phone like high school kids without jobs apparently. We finally decided to meet up with our first date at the Gun Range "MR & MRS SMITH". We recommend you watch the movie. The bliss and laughter kept going and we lived on "VIBE and FLOW" mode from late night Hot Fudge Sundaes and Fries to Sweet and Salty Date Nights we have been inseparable (this may explain the 20lb weight gain) We learn the definition of LOVE through each other excepting the good, pretty, and sexy as we would say.. But as long as we have LOVE it will always WIN... MEET THE SMITHS