Anne & Brendan

Celebrate Our Happily Ever After


Anne Malin


Brendan Vonick

October 23, 2023

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Welcome to Our Love Story

We are thrilled and grateful to share our story with you. The next chapter of our beautiful lifelong tale together begins with "I Do". We cannot wait to write the rest of our lives together. It means the world to be able to share this celebration with you all, who have loved and supported us throughout our lives. We want to ensure you have all that you need to celebrate with us, so visit our Travel section to secure your room and get details prior to booking your flight. Please RSVP after you have booked your room, not before. Ensure your passport is up-to-date then pack your bags and flip flops! Please note that we are not allowing plus-ones to this event. We want to keep the occasion intimate with only close friends and family and are limited on capacity. Feel free to read through our stories, visit our gallery and share in our memories. Check out the FAQ's page for additional information pertaining to our destination wedding. Thank you for all your love and we are thrilled to have you witness the exchange of our wedding bands with your toes in the sand.

How The Story Began

Our enchantment with each other began only moments into our first date. It was brunch over a bottomless mimosa bar garnished with fruit toppings. We poured our full selves into conversation and our gaze only ever parted briefly as we enjoyed a breakfast burrito (Brendan) and cake (Anne). Our hearts were more full than our stomachs, yet the day was just beginning. We followed up brunch with a fantastic day at the Denver Zoo. We fascinated over all the animals, enjoying the sites and fully embracing each moment, for they were perfect in each others presence. It was a wonderful day, but little did we know it would be the first day in a grand story.

Our Adventures

We stole each others hearts and within 2 months time we were officially a couple. Since then, we haven't gone more than a week without seeing each other, Brendan's occasional business trips being the only exception. This even included quarantining together when COVID struck! Together we've shared countless adventures. Some notable moments include vacationing on Sanibel Island in Florida, experiencing bioluminescence together on a Vonick family trip to the Virgin Islands and exploring major Scandinavian cities on a once in a lifetime cruise around the Baltic Sea. There have been so many wonderful memories, journeys, and experiences, all of which have contributed to the foundation for the rest of our lives. For more wonderful moments, check out our photo gallery!

Our Engagement

It was the weekend of May 21st, 2022. Brendan had planned a surprise three-day getaway and had taken care to share no details with Anne. There was only one problem, it was snowing... a lot.. and that is still an understatement. Anne was guessing our destination despite napping on and off up until we were there, in the town of Breckenridge, where, unbeknownst to Anne, Brendan's parents were engaged and married. We spent the day in the downtown area, exploring shops, stopping in for food and drinks (being our silly selves all the while) before going to our stunning hotel. We soaked up every hot tub, enjoyed the indoor/outdoor pool and took ample turns on the water slide as snow continued to flurry and pile up. The following morning, the sun broke through and the snow finally stopped. Brendan surprised Anne with an outdoor escape room/treasure hunt event at the Country Boy Mine, a historic gold mine just a short drive from downtown Breckenridge. We love our escape rooms, and felt confident in our ability to complete the treasure hunt. We bundled up in our snow gear and made our way to the mine. Together, we completed a series of puzzles outdoors, using a compass, following clues, and ultimately finding a metal detector to locate and unearth the buried treasure. The snow once again began to fall around us as we dug up a metal box. Inside was a retro viewer, the same retro viewer Anne had given to Brendan as a Christmas gift two years prior. Little did she know Brendan had secretly gone about designing and ordering a custom reel for it. Anne placed the retro viewer up to her eyes and read the following poem out loud as she scrolled through pictures of us and our adventures together: It all began with brunch and a trip to the zoo. Then I asked you to be mine over mediocre Italian food. That was the intro to our story, a story of love most true. And it's pages consist of every moment spent with you. We've shared holidays, celebrations, pure joy and tribulation, and now it's time for the next chapter in our journey's narration. I must ask you a question, but it's not one for you to read... so set this aside... Anne looked up, tears streaming down her face, to see Brendan on one knee asking, “I love you Anne, will you marry me?” She ecstatically cried, “Yes, of course I will marry you!” And so began their next thrilling chapter together… We cordially invite you to witness and celebrate the first pages of our happily ever after!