Blair & Devin


Blair Barberino


Devin Shields-Mas

June 17, 2023

Brooklyn, NY

Our Story

A Softball Romance

We met on Randall's Island in the fall of 2013 when we both signed up as individuals to play on an intramural softball team and relive our high school glory days. Blair walked over to the field drinking hot coffee with a straw, and Devin immediately made fun of her. Blair paid no attention to him but did take note of his impressive softball skills. It wasn't until months later when Blair finally decided to hang out with the team after a game that sparks started to fly with Devin. Devin asked Blair to be his beer pong partner at the Parlour bar on the Upper East Side, and once she acquiesced, he proceeded to ask the bartender for Clorox cleaning solution to wipe down the table. That's when Blair knew: this is marriage material. Fast forward 9.5 years, and we have lived across different neighborhoods in Brooklyn (Devin was able to convert Blair to a Brooklyn-ite), Devin has become a dog daddy to our precious Maltese Daisy, we've endured ups and downs (never mind a global pandemic), we've hung up our going-out shoes for slippers and episodes of Dateline (much to Blair's chagrin) or Below Deck (much to Devin's chagrin), and our love for each other has continued to grow every day. Our relationship is founded in so many special moments, and we cannot wait to celebrate one of the biggest ones with you!

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