Emily & Justin

We are so excited to have you as a guest at our Wedding

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Justin Burns


Emily Spahn


April 18, 2026

Dripping Springs, TX
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How We Met


We met on July 15th 2021 at Mavericks Dance Hall in Buda, Texas. Conveniently Justin’s truck was parked next to my brother Tyler’s truck. Justin was shot gunning a beer, when I said “excuse me” (in what I believe was a bitchy tone, but he says otherwise) and very politely Justin moved to the side while I got into Tyler’s truck with my sister Taylor. Something in my heart just screamed I needed to know that tall man in the Texas fishing shirt. So I rolled down the window and asked for his Snapchat, I think I scared him so instead I got his phone number. And now here we are getting married and have our sweet girl Dally.