Hannah & Sarah


Hannah Rosenbaum


Sarah Mannheim

October 15, 2023

Chicago, IL
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We're so excited to celebrate with you!

We had our first digital encounter on Hinge, on Dec. 1st, 2019. Hannah liked my picture, I sent her a terrible opener message, and then she proceeded to ignore me for two years. I promptly forgot she existed. - Sarah I was immediately drawn to Sarah, and so obviously I needed to immediately ghost her. And being the curious (ahem creep) that I am, I proceeded to stalk her on and off for the next almost 2 years. I found a video of her giving a presentation and found her incredibly endearing. - Hannah Two years later, Hannah messaged me on Tinder with an equally bad opener, but I (unlike some people) actually responded. She said she was allergic to cats, but I threw caution to the (cat dander in the) wind and met her anyway. I had no idea that we had previously matched until three weeks later, when she revealed that she had been secretly stalking me for the last two years. I then threw caution to the (stalker) wind and continued to date her. Despite the allergens and the stalker vibes, I also found her endearing. -Sarah So somehow the incredible cyber vibes I got translated into reality on that first date - I was SMITTEN and knew I wanted many more days with this person. She made me feel calm and seen. She began teaching me how to access humor. We're still working on that one. - Hannah So anyway. We think we make a pretty good team. Let's keep doing this forever. See you on October 15th! -Hannah and Sarah