Michelle & Anthony

The countdown to our forever is on


Michelle Bambara


Anthony Jichetti

October 15, 2023

Hamburg, NJ
205 days205 d2 hours2 h19 minutes19 min39 seconds39 s

How We Met

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 The meet day, September 1st 2019 The First Date Day, September 17 2022 Proposal Day, October 15 2023 Wedding Day

Anthony & Michelle originally met at HQ Beach Club pool party Memorial Day weekend 2014 through their good friends Taryn & Alex. Fun fact: on this day, Anthony told Michelle that he was going to marry her and she just laughed not thinking much of it. As time passed, the couple would see each other in group settings and although Anthony would try, they never got their first date. Years later in 2019, Michelle was out at Jenkinson's club in point pleasant with some girlfriends & on her way out, Anthony was entering the club. Although they did not see each other in years, Anthony did not waste anytime asking Michelle out on a date. This time Michelle said why not? So a few days later, they went out to dinner at Peking Pavillion & the rest is history. On that date, Michelle & Anthony realized they had much more in common than they ever imagined. They have been inseparable since! Whether it is hiking, running, biking, traveling, salsa dancing, playing oculus, spending time with friends/family, or eating pizza every Friday, Michelle & Anthony always find a way to spend quality time together.