Ayaka & Jan-Michael

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Jan-Michael Cariaga


Ayaka Ohata

December 8, 2023

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How We Met

The Inside Scoop

On an Autumn November evening in 2019, we met for 2 scoops of ice cream at a local parlor. Several smiles and laughs later we knew we wanted the conversation and good times to continue. We still look forward to enjoying all of the simple things together.

The Proposal


We flew down to Southern California to visit friends and family for the Thanksgiving Holiday. After spending a whole day at Disneyland (16 hours) we were both exhausted from the Disney magic. "The show must go on" as they say. Michael woke up early to try and convince Ayaka to go to Brunch and a mini adventure through Malibu. Ayaka had a hunch, or rather she already knew something was suspicious because Michael was the only person on the Beach wearing a Blazer in 80 degree weather. After walking down the sandy cliff side together, the two walked past the bluffs to find Ayaka's friends from Seattle had flown down to surprise her. As she turned around, Michael was on his knee with flowers and ring in hand. And the rest is history - their story.