Ashley & Jordan

    17 NOV 2023
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Ashley Merryl Gutwein


Jordan James Ebert


November 17, 2023

Naples, FL



It was the first day of law school and we were about to embark on a journey that, unbeknownst to us, would ultimately lead us both to a professional career in our nation’s capital and a life together. Jordan, a college football player who had just graduated, was intent on making the most out of his time as a student at a Big Ten university. Too smart for his own good, everything came easy to him—except for waking up on time for our Contracts class. Ashley, a professional with nearly four years of experience and fed up with politics, decided to attend law school. Unsure of what she was getting herself into, she had dutifully overprepared for her first day. Ashley had learned throughout her life that, no matter how hard she might try, there were always some things outside of her control. On that first day of law school, despite all her preparation, it was an unexpected flat tire on the way to school that she was unable to avoid. But Ashley had also learned that good things come in unexpected ways, and it was this inconvenient flat tire that led to her first interaction with Jordan when he offered to help her. A true sucker for a Midwestern gentleman, it was the first encounter with Jordan that stole her heart. While on a mission across East Lansing to fix her tire, Jordan and Ashley quickly realized they had more in common than what met the eye. Both were raised in small towns by families with strong agricultural ties and whose upbringing was rooted in fundamental values instilled by their parents. She was unsure and he was persistent. It was only a matter of time before Ashley and Jordan agreed to give their relationship a chance. But although there were plenty of high notes and fond memories, it wasn’t all roses, and a good thing eventually came to an end. Although they were no longer together, and both needed time to grow, Jordan’s random acts of kindness left a permanent imprint in Ashley’s mind. Ashley had given Jordan every reason to walk away and to not look back. Yet there he was - - just as he promised he would be. When Ashley moved to DC for their final semester, Jordan was the one who helped her pack. That could have been the end of their story, but within a year Jordan also moved to DC. Jordan took his late-blooming interest in politics and sheer determination, and earned a position with a Senator from Kansas. Despite their renewed proximity, it would be well over a year until fate intervened and brought Ashley and Jordan back together while he was celebrating a softball championship at the Brig. They briefly gave their relationship a try again, but the timing still wasn’t right. Fast forward nearly three years to Fall 2020. Jordan, now a senior staffer in the Senate handling the Banking Committee portfolio and Ashley, who had left the Hill for the private sector, finally reconnected. Ashley and Jordan were their own distinct individuals with a shared past, and it didn’t take long to realize that the timing was finally right. When Ashley and Jordan got back together for the umpteenth time, they made a promise to go all in – this was (finally) the last time. Our story began with a flat tire. The twists and turns that followed challenged and strengthened our relationship. There isn’t a single thing either of us would change because it all led us back to each other. The best things in life really are worth waiting (& fighting) for. … Even if it did take nearly 10 years.

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