Caitlin & Ari



Ari Solomon


Caitlin Eggleston

June 9, 2024

Quail Hollow Ranch, Felton, CA
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How We Met

First comes school, then comes marriage.

We have been friends from the beginning; we have known each other since kindergarten. We even won the same award at our Kindergarten graduation - "fantastic focus" (see gallery photos). After kindergarten, we both attended San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School and were in the same first grade class. Although our time in Mrs. Martinez's class was purely platonic, we were paired up as dance partners for our first grade dance recital (see picture below). We weren't classmates again until sixth grade when we started middle school. In middle school we labeled each other as "best friends". And we even got "married" during our middle school winter fair at the "wedding booth". Although Ari married multiple middle school girls, Caitlin only married Ari (and Maia her childhood BFF). Throughout middle school, we remained good friends. We would text each other often, hangout, and even swapped the batteries of our cellphones (the ultimate friendship bracelets). Caitlin and her friends spent many nights in middle school and high school TPing Ari's house. Entering high school we remained close friends. Caitlin friend-zoned Ari (what a fool), only to realize she had feelings for him once he started dating other girls. We started dating the summer going into our junior year of high school and the rest is history! June 2024 will be our 10 year anniversary, so what better way to celebrate than a wedding! Quail Hollow Ranch felt like the perfect venue for our wedding because our paths first crossed at Quail Hollow Elementary School and Quail Hollow Road is the road that connected our childhood homes. Thank you for coming to our wedding and celebrating with us!

Our Next Adventure

We will be moving shortly after our wedding! Ari will graduate from medical school in May 2024 and we will be relocating to where he matches for surgical residency. Our wedding will be the perfect send off!

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