Annasha & Chris

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Newport Beach


September 3

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Our Story

It all started in.... Newport Beach!

Rewind to 2017 at UC Irvine School of Medicine. Annasha was in her second year of med school and Chris in his third. They had shared glances before, however it wasn't until a house party at the beginning of the school year when they "officially" met. Annasha fondly remembers Chris greeting her there with a huge hug and feeling like she had already known him for years. They talked all night long, and the following week, they went on their first of many Taco Tuesday dates. Quickly, they became close friends and merged friend groups to form the "send it crew". After a year-long courtship and countless memorable nights and weekend trips with their friends, A & C finally decided to make it official. Since then, they have been an inseparable duo. Their many mutual interests, including health, music, yoga, spirituality, food, and nature, made it easy for them to fall in love. Just as Annasha was getting ready to travel the world before her residency started, the pandemic hit, and she ended up quarantining with Chris in his apartment in Newport Beach for 3 months. During this time, their romance deepened as they learned to co-habitate and enjoy the simplest pleasures of life together. The time flew by, and Annasha finally had to move to LA for her residency. After one long and challenging year, they decided they couldn't live apart and moved into their first apartment together in Long Beach, CA. They quickly created a home together, and exactly one year later, Chris was sure that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Annasha. He proposed to her in Newport Beach on a boat in the harbor - the same spot where he fell in love with her at the UCI med school formal 5 years prior. They are now so excited to celebrate their wedding this year in the same location where they met, lived, fell in love, and got engaged!