Andrew & Amy

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Andrew McBride


Amy Holliday


December 16, 2023

Huntsville, TX
192 days192 d55 minutes55 min16 seconds16 s

How We Met

"Let's make Madi's brother take our photos!"

"I think I'm going to meet my future husband tonight" Amy told her roommate as she dressed in the same Christmas pjs as her 6 college besties. Only a couple hours later, Andrew was asking his sister who the tall girl was because she was "absolutely adorable." While Amy was too focused on coming up with silly poses with her friends to pay much attention to Andrew, he managed to catch her attention the next day when he slid into her DMs with "Happy Birthday Amy!"

Our First Date

"I'll never eat spaghetti on a first date."

Long before meeting Andrew, Amy had decided what food was simply too dangerous to eat on a first date: spaghetti. The red sauce could splatter, the stringy noodles never wound smoothly around a fork, and it was impossible to eat it in a dignified manner. There was a problem though: Andrew considered spaghetti his specialty. As Amy arrived at Andrew's townhouse for their first date together, Andrew had been busy in the kitchen making his prize dish. Deciding that it would be fun to mess with him, Amy told him how she felt about spaghetti. Horrified by this revelation, Andrew was prepared to throw the food away, but Amy reassured him that it was fine. She managed to successfully eat the spaghetti while Andrew got sauce everywhere.

Our Future Plans

Amy and Andrew are excited to start their married life in Dallas as Andrew continues his job in sales and Amy her Doctor of Physical Therapy studies at UT Southwestern. They plan to remain active at Northway Church and look forward to squeezing in game nights and trips to the gym in their free time.