Amanda & Brian

Please join us in our fantasy themed wedding! as we begin our new journey and join our families in marriage!


Brian Crowley


Amanda Bartow



December 3

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He proposed!

September 1st, 2022

We had been dating for almost 4 years. We were on vacation in Philadelphia to see a Rammstien concert which is a German metal band. The day after the concert we had gotten up and he asked me if I wanted us to dress nice go out to breakfast and see more of the sights, but I didn’t feel like dressing up…. Thank god I did! We went to breakfast, stopped at some places for souvenirs, and then we went to see the Liberty Bell because I wanted to see it before we left Philly. We had gotten coffees but the security at the liberty bell said that they didn’t allow open containers inside. We said, “ok, we’ll go check out the gardens and the park, finish our coffee and come back.” We walked around, saw the foundation of Washington’s actual house, and then we came to a brick pathway in the park where, to the right, there were wooden benches shaded by trees. Brian said “let’s go down this way!” It was a beautiful place. And in a clearing ahead it was all sunny and there was a huge fountain with plants all around the outside, and there was a woman there checking out the fountain too. She was wearing scrubs so we figured maybe she must’ve been with the group of old ladies sitting around the benches in the background. He told me to wait where I was so he could go throw out our finished coffee cups, but little did I know he told the lady in scrubs that he was about to propose to his girlfriend over there, and would she take pictures and video. Of course she agreed excitedly. This whole time, I had no idea, I think I was on my phone maybe. Brian called me over and I asked him to put my foot back on my wheelchair footrest for me. He said sure, and it took me a minute but I realized he was on one knee! I said “what are you doing…..? Confused. Before I could realize what he was doing, he pulled out a round purple box! By then I knew and I was still confused but now crying! He told me I was the love of his life and the woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, ❤️ And then he said Will you marry me? And through the shock, and elation and sobs of happiness I felt my head nodding and heard myself just keep breathlessly whispering “yes!….yes! Oh my god! Of course!” And then we hugged and kissed and heard the applause from the little old ladies in the background. I vaguely remember the lady in scrubs kneeling down to take video lol. We then went to go see the liberty bell and got a lot of “congratulations!” and “oh my god that’s so sweet!” when I told people we just got engaged! Needless to say, the bell was cool, and I got pictures, but I was a little distracted with something else 💍

How We Met

Somewhere around August 8th 2008…

I don’t remember every detail of that day, since it was 15 years ago! Wow! But a few things do stick out in my mind; I remember being on the phone with a friend that I had at the time, and she had told me that she wanted me to meet her new boyfriend. I said yes and then I don’t remember if it was the same day, or how the phone call ended, but I clearly remember sitting on my front porch with her, talking. We were waiting for him to get there, and then I just remember when he was there. He had long blond hair, jeans and a t shirt. I thought he was REALLY tall, And he had nice eyes and a nice smile. He said hi and we talked for a bit, I remember saying something and making him laugh, and he made me laugh, I remember congratulating them and then that’s it. That was the day we met, but he and I remained friends all throughout their relationship, I remember always thinking she never really deserved him, And then feeling bad because I thought that, and then they broke up, and I thought whoever got him was going to be a really lucky lady ❤️ but we stayed friends up until the day he asked me out! I had dated friends before, and it never really worked out, so I was a little apprehensive. I didn’t want to lose our friendship, but he was so sincere and I liked him so I took a chance and I said yes! Never in million years did I think that “Lucky Lady” would be me 4 years later! And that was the best thing that ever happened to us❤️