Allie & Kameron


Kameron Ledford


Allie Dvorchak

October 26, 2024

Beaufort, SC
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Our Story!

Allie and Kam met through mutual friends first a few months before Kam moved to Chicago (at McGee's) in 2021! Once Kam moved to Chicago in April 2021, Allie had her eyes on him. They were friends as first and hung out together in their shared friend group frequently. They grew closer and officially started dating on November 6, 2021. While Kam had already won over Allie, it took a little work for him to win over her puppy, Fripp. Fripp could tell Kam was a *little* afraid of him and would jump on him every time he walked in the door and tried to make it known he was the man of the house. They have both accepted each other now and Kam is the best dog dad! Kam and Allie moved in together in November 2022 in Lincoln Park, his only request was to hang his Travis Kelce jersey on the wall. Allie got to keep her pink bathroom. Kam proposed on September 16, 2023 in Lincoln Park. Allie thought Kam was going to a concert and she was going out to drinks and dinner with friends. She was SHOCKED to see him waiting for her on a friend's rooftop, it was the best surprise! Afterwards, many of our friends and family were waiting to celebrate with us. He couldn't have planned a more special proposal!

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