The Jaspers

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October 7, 2023

Niles, MI
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How we met

Band nerds

We met during marching band in high school. Always picking on each other between sets and rehearsals and slowly grew into talking. We continued as friends and kept talking throughout the year and finally got to go to Florida for our spring break band trip. We sat together and talked all the way down there and then found reasons to hang out at the parks and spend time together. We found out we live on the same street and have so many other things in common. After spring break we continued to talk and feelings grew into more than just friends. Alex asked Kelsey to be his girlfriend on May 18th 2014, and they have been together ever since!

The proposal

April 19th 2022

Off to Tennessee! Alex and Kelsey planned a vacation for Chattanooga and Nashville Tennessee. To see the mountains, spend time in the woods and visit some touristy spots. Leaving early in the morning (like 4:30am...) they drove 9+ hours to Chattanooga. After checking into the cute AirBnB, they decide to go hiking. They find Glen falls trail, a 2.3 mile hike that snakes along the mountain right near the Tennessee- Georgia state line. As they start the trail, they talk about the plans for the next couple days, dinner plans and how exciting it is to be on vacation together. The further they go, the louder the sound of the waterfall got. They round a corner and there the beautiful waterfall is! It's a large drop that pools and then continues to flow down the rocks. Kelsey climbs the large rocks on the side of the waterfall to see over the edge, as Alex stands on the bridge to see the view downstream. Alex points out that there's a rocky overlook just above the waterfall that would have an excellent view too. Kelsey climbs off the rock as Alex crosses the bridge. Little does Kelsey know, as she rounds the edge of the bridge she sees Alex on the other side. He's kneeing with a red little box in his hands!

Our day


We are very excited to be getting married and we hope you can join us for our special day!