Alayah & Damon


Damon Johnson


Alayah Caple

November 8, 2025

Baltimore, MD
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Once Upon a Time...

There were two lost souls who were unlucky in love. Souls that at the time couldn't have ever imagined what true love felt like. But alas, their lives would take an unexpected turn when these two longtime friends decided to take a risk on each other in November 2017. Neither expected to fall so deeply in love and become inseparable. After five years of ups and downs, trials, challenges, and celebrations, Damon decided that he had found his lifelong queen and proposed to her in front of family and friends on February 14th, 2023. Overwhelmed with finally finding her lifelong king, Alayah couldn't help but immediately accept. These two lost souls have finally found their happy ending and are ready to live #HappilyEverJohnson...