Kristin Brown Photography

Fairfield, OH

The Details

My name is Kristin and I am an on location portrait and wedding photographer located in Cincinnati, Ohio. ​ When my camera is charging you can find me playing with my little family, trying yummy new foods with my husband and location scouting around the city. My biggest muse is my one and only Ella Rose. I am all kinds of basic with a love for iced tea/coffee, donuts + pink lipstick. You can prob find me in leggings with my hair in a bun 90% of the time. ​I am knee deep in my very own real life love story. My husband and I have been together since 2009. The summer after high school still counts as high school sweethearts, right!? <3 I am the lucky momma of miss Eleanor Rose. Naturally she is the love of my life, my biggest muse, and most days the main subject of my camera. I Love photography. I bought myself a Canon Rebel in Spring 2012 and it just got better from there. I love to document our life by taking photos daily. I share some of my personal favorites on my instagram stories- @kristinbrownphotography. Photography is a passion for me so capturing my life is important to me. I am a collector of moments as they go by so quickly. I think its what started my love of photography. I had to capture life. Plus, I had to do something to remember it all, I have the worst memory.




Couples sessions are for celebrating finding your person. Its a big deal, there are a lot of meh people in the world and you managed to sift through all of them and find yours. wohoo! For your couples session I am going to totally third wheel you while you dance, cuddle, drink, skip, game, and just love each other for 60 minutes or so. Looking at me is not required and forgetting I exist is encouraged. My goal for your session is to capture your love and relationship and all the things that make you a "we." These sessions are minimally posed and instead focus on how you click together. I want you to look at your photos and see the way you naturally come together. Whose hand goes on top and who is the big spoon is apart of that connection. Couples sessions are perfect for new love, fiances & the couple who have been together forever and ever and want to celebrate that and remember the connection.
oooh la la. This intimate portrait session is a great grooms gift, or just so you can say hot damn, look at me! Getting wedding ready has us looking and feeling our best. Lets break put on a playlist, put on a big sweater & some boy shorts and netflix and chill on the couch, have a pillow fight or make out on the kitchen counter. byob if you need some liquid courage in the form of wine or whiskey. Think rom com.
3 hours of coverage // for intimate weddings with 50 guests or less
6 hours of coverage 60 minute engagement session ​
10+ hours of coverage 90 minute engagement session Second shooter