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The Details

A Few Things You Should Know About Me Before You Hire Me To Photograph Your Wedding At some point in the day, I’ll cry. It’s the outburst of joy both you and your guests have when you’re officially pronounced married, during the heartfelt speech your best friend of over a decade gives, as your dad sways your around the dance floor during your first dance, and each time your grandparents embrace you tightly. I can’t help it. A wedding is so full emotion, I just get swept away. Months, sometimes years, of planning - focusing on the tiniest of details. Adrenaline and anticipation growing as the day you officially promise forever looms closer. The atmosphere that surrounds a couple on their wedding day is like nothing else they will ever experience. Friends and family coming from afar to celebrate a new chapter and one of life’s biggest milestones. And I have the honor of documenting the story that will be in their memories years after their wedding day as passed. I get to create an heirloom that will forever tell their love story, perfectly. To say that I have one of the best jobs in the world is an understatement. And if your wedding is going to be like I’ve described above, I’d love to photograph it. I want to be there. Planning a wedding is exciting - but SO overwhelming! I’ve been there, so I totally get it! All of these choices and deadlines can feel like a ton of pressure - plus knowing there are no do-overs can add a bit of stress to the mix. When you hire me: You can breathe. No need to worry. I will be your set of eyes for the moments you won’t get to see; your handsome groom adjust his tie just before making his way to the ceremony, mom wiping away tears as you walk down the aisle, the moment you first lay eyes on each other, the gleaming expression on your faces as you begin to realize you are married to the love of your life, the reception décor laid out exactly how you had envisioned it, your guests laughing together. All the attention, time, and money that you pour into your wedding day will prove to be well spent. As you view your photos, they’ll serve as a reminder of a day that was even more amazing than you remember. Not only am I here to photograph the first day of your marriage, but I’m here guide you to help make your wedding day visions come to life. I’ll help you design a timeline that fits your wedding like the perfect pair of jeans and coach you through your wedding jitters. I’m here to make this planning experience a breeze for you! Click below to find tons of resources on the blog that will help you with the planning decisions, ensuring that your photography is all that you’re hoping it will be, plus allowing you a bit more time to focus on being engaged. And if your wedding is going to be like I’ve described above, I’d love to photograph it. I want to be there. If you haven’t already, take a peek at a few weddings, then send me an email so we can get together and talk about ways to make this the most memorable day of your life. <3 Kerri