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My events are in the wrong order on my Schedule or RSVP page and I can't seem to reorder them! What do I do?

Good news, this is an easy fix. To update the event order on your Schedule page, head on over to your Website tab, and click into the Schedule page under "Website Pages."


Note: your pages may be in a different order than this screenshot - that's totally normal!

From there, you can reorder all of your events by clicking the icon on the left-hand side and dragging them to wherever you want 'em, as seen below.


Need to reorder them on your RSVP page too? Follow these same steps from the RSVP tab in your Wedding Website manager. We'll automatically save your changes!


Heads up that the drag and drop option isn't available from the app just yet, so be sure to make this edit from a computer.

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