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What happens if we accidentally forget to add someone to our guest list, or misspell a name, and they try to RSVP?

First of all, we ALL make mistakes, so don't sweat it! Planning a giant party is hard. If you misspell a guest's name or forgot to add them, we made it easy for them to get in touch.

We give you the option to have them contact you to request RSVP access! You can turn on this feature through your Privacy Settings. If you'd prefer not to give them this option, you can keep this feature turned Off, and they'll be directed to reach out to our Support Team instead.


When guests are viewing your RSVP page on your website, they'll be prompted to enter their first and last name to proceed. If their name isn't on the list, an error message will pop up (see below):


If they click "Contact The Couple", they will fill out a form, and we'll notify you of their request:


Then, when they submit this request, we'll send you an email to notify you of this request:


Once you click Accept or Decline Request, you'll be able to either add this guest to your guest list so they can RSVP, or decline the request (and don't worry - we won't notify anyone that you decline).



We’ll add those guests to your list, and they’ll also get an email notification that they should try to submit their RSVP again.

Voila, problem solved—and they won’t find out about the misspelling or list mix-up.

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