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Someone is requesting to RSVP, and they’re not invited to our wedding events. What should we do?

If you get an RSVP request from someone who isn't on any of your event guest lists, you’ll find out via email notification.


Simply select “Yes, Decline RSVP Access.” They will not receive any notifications that their request has been declined.


Although it’s unlikely, if you know the person requesting to RSVP, you have two choices: let it live, or reach out to them to clarify the (very sticky!) situation. If you do reach out, make sure it’s short and to the point: “Hi, saw you were trying to access our RSVP page. Due to venue and cost, we had to keep our guest list super lean. Apologies for any confusion, and thank you for thinking of us.”

One key tip to avoid this scenario entirely: take advantage of our customizable privacy settings. You can decide who has access to your RSVP page, as well as password-protect your entire website.

You also have the option to turn off this feature allowing folks to request to be added to your guest list. If you turn this off, they'll be redirected to our support team instead of being able to request access!

You can change all of these privacy preferences in your Zola account here.

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