Getting married: the most romantic thing you can do. Filing your taxes: decidedly the opposite. Nevertheless, these two acts are connected in important ways. From how you choose to file your taxes to the benefits you can earn from filing jointly as a married couple (think credits and deductions), it’s important to learn how getting married will impact everything you know about paying taxes—and how your marital tax benefits can help you plan and save for the future. And while taxes in general may not be sexy, saving enough money for a new car or home down payment sure is. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about taxes after “I do.”

"We consider ourselves financially savvy, but taxes are on a level of complexity all their own. We had heard of the 'marriage penalty', when dual-earning couples end up paying more in combined taxes after getting married, so we did seek out an accountant to review whether the tax being withheld from both our paychecks was still accurate. That's when we also found out about the option to choose between filing our taxes jointly or separately every year. With kids and (hopefully) homeownership coming sometime next, our taxes aren't likely to get any simpler any time soon." —Jack L. , Zola User, September, 2018

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