Nature Wedding Themes We Love

There’s nothing more beautiful than Mother Nature. Learn how to incorporate the outdoors into your wedding with Zola’s guide to nature weddings.

By The Zola Team

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For all the nature enthusiasts of the world, there is probably nothing more beautiful and romantic than the great outdoors. When getting married and choosing your wedding theme, it's only natural that you want to bring the beautiful outdoors into your wedding experience.

Maybe that means choosing a beautiful outdoor venue for the wedding ceremony, or maybe that means bringing the outdoors into your chosen venue for the big day. Both ideas work exceptionally well and allow you to stay true to your love of all things nature. Keep reading for some of our favorite nature-inspired wedding themes.

Autumn Themed Wedding Celebration

This kind of theme can work wonderfully no matter where your chosen venue is or what time of year you choose. Obviously, if your wedding venue is outdoors and it’s during the actual fall season, it will hold a bit more authenticity, but there’s no rule that says you can’t throw an autumn themed wedding right in the middle of summer, if you really want to.

You can create an equally beautiful autumn theme indoors at your chosen venue, during any time of the year you want. Whether you've chosen a wedding venue in New Haven, CT or Los Angeles, CA, the key when you’re planning your autumn wedding theme is choosing a color palette that feels like the fall season. That means going with colors such as brown, tan, and rust, or shades of warm orange and yellow. These are classic fall colors that always hint at the autumn season.

You can still pull other colors into your palette, such as greens, purples, reds, or pinks, but just make sure that they are darker hues with warm undertones. If you prefer to go with lighter colors, shades of peach and cream can work well and still complement an autumn theme.

Once you have your color palette chosen, then you can start tying in all of your other decor details, such as flowers, greenery, linens, and favors.

Nature Wedding Themes We Love Photo Credit // Images by Amber Robinson

Beach Themed Wedding Celebration

Many love the wildness and beauty of the ocean, glittering stretches of sand and seashore, and the wildlife found therein—that makes a beach themed wedding nearly perfect. Even if you don’t have a beach nearby, you can still bring the beach to you.

Think light-hearted hues, such as sapphire blue, bright yellow, and orange, for an eye-popping color palette, paired with decor accents, such as driftwood, seashells, and starfish. Or, you could go with deeper colors, such as teal and blue, and pair it with cream, softer yellow, and orange hues. Simple wedding attire, such as sundresses, short shirts with suspenders, and bare feet works well with a beach theme, too.

Rustic Themed Barn Wedding

Granted, a barn is not “nature” per se, but you can throw a heck of a wedding in a large, roomy barn, with plenty of space to spread out and still enjoy the fresh air and nature around you. A rustic, vintage look works well for this kind of wedding, with soft colors for decor and attire, and lantern lights strung around a hay-scattered “dance floor.”

Hale bales can contribute to the authenticity of the theme and even be used for seating. As far as wedding attire, you can go as informal as you like. Some couples decide to go with a more Western vibe and dress in jeans and cowboy boots, while other couples like to be fancier, with a more traditional wedding gown and tux. BBQ is never a bad idea with a rustic barn wedding, nor is plenty of beer.

Garden of Eden Themed Wedding

If your favorite thing about nature is flowers and gardens, they also happen to make an excellent wedding theme. You can look for a local venue in a botanical garden to get married in, or you can dress up your chosen venue to look like the lovely garden of your dreams.

A garden of Eden theme pulls in beautiful colors with different plants and greenery, soft lighting, and a slight air of mystery. If you want to get really creative, why not have Eve’s apple as part of your decorative accents, and incorporate glittering ice sculptures shaped like men and women silhouettes for hints of elegant drama?

You could even play background music with the sounds of birds chirping to contribute to the ambiance as people are arriving and taking their seats.

Nature Wedding Themes We Love Photo Credit // Lifelong Photography Studio

Enchanted Forest Themed Wedding

If you love both nature and fantasy, you can tie them together in an enchanted forest wedding theme to create a magical, romantic celebration that everyone will love participating in. If you can find an outdoor venue that fits the bill, you can do wonderful things with the decor to create an enchanting ambiance. However, if you don’t happen to live near a forest to be married in, don’t despair.

There are lots of things you can do to pull the enchanted forest into your venue. You’ll want lots of greenery to start with, such as ferns, small trees, and twig arrangements, as well as moss carpeting for your tables. If you love flowers, wildflowers are beautiful for an enchanted forest theme, as are cute mushroom arrangements.

A forest isn’t truly a forest without creatures, so a few strategic placements of woodland animals lend the theme extra authenticity, as does decor touches such as fairies, butterflies, and dragonflies. Tiny fairy lights give the room a magical quality, and you could even have a fog machine pump some ethereal fog through the room to create an even stronger aura of mystery and nature.

Outdoor Sunflower Themed Wedding

This theme could actually be used interchangeably with any sort of focus flower, but sunflowers are fun, bright, and eye-catching. They also lend well to a somewhat rustic or vintage feel. Why not choose an outdoor venue that overlooks a lake?

Sunflowers would be the dominant decor feature, so you could create flower arrangements and use wooden tree stumps to create your aisle to walk down. Flowing, see-through yellow fabric could be used to adorn the guest chairs, in addition to a rustic, wooden wedding altar, and would look beautiful floating in a gentle lakeside breeze.

You can create sunflower centerpieces for the reception tables, with pretty sachets of dried sunflowers as wedding favors. For wedding attire, you could go with a classic cream wedding dress or even a subtle gold wedding dress. The rest of your wedding party would look amazing wearing shades of brown to complement and contrast.

If you wanted a bolder choice, you could even go with a sunflower yellow wedding gown. Everyone can go barefoot for a bit of a bohemian vibe, with sunflowers for corsages and boutonnieres. Just don’t forget a pretty crown of small sunflowers to hold your veil.

Iceland Wonder Themed Wedding

If the stark beauty of snow and ice appeals to you, and you’ve always wanted to see the northern lights, why not go with a theme centered around the ice, with a color scheme such as silver and white? You could tie the northern lights into your nature wedding theme by making neon green or purple an accent color, or even play with professional lighting to achieve a look that gives a nod to the beautiful northern lights phenomenon.

Depending on your budget, you could incorporate ice sculptures into your table decor, and use craggy, eerie-looking twig trees dipped in “frost” for strategic areas of the room. Instead of traditional candles, why not use electric candles that glow hot pink or neon green and purple? A little goes a long way, but the soft glow of color can add a mystical ambiance, as can subtle lighting around the perimeter of the reception room.

For wedding attire, go with shades of white and silver and opt for a wedding dress with plenty of sparkles. You could wear an elegant updo, with diamonds dripping from your wrists and ears. Your wedding party can wear shades of silver and even dark grey, with bedazzled boutonnières and corsages to catch the light.

Wedding favors might be small bottles of white wine that match the vivid hues of the northern lights, or even wedding favor boxes designed to look like the northern lights, filled with yummy treats such as candied mints.

As a final touch, you could have a fog machine that pumps a small bit of fog through the room, just enough to enhance the feeling of an icy cold environment (think: Iceland). Plus, the fog interacts with your lighting and can create some really interesting visual effects.

Remember, if you’re a nature enthusiast, there are many ways to tie that love of nature into your wedding theme. Sure, an outdoor wedding may be ideal in some circumstances, but there are just as many options for nature weddings that allow you to pull what’s outdoors in. Decide what works best for the wedding you envision and don’t look back.

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