Elegant Wedding Flowers

Envisioning beautifully elegant decor for your wedding? Here is our list of the most elegant wedding flowers to bring your vision to life.

By The Zola Team

Bridal party holding bouquets
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Picking your wedding flowers can seem like an overwhelming task because, with so many options available and different arrangements, it can feel impossible to narrow your choices down to just a few different buds. While your local florist will be able to lend some expertise and creativity, it’s best to go in with some wedding flower ideas for what you want. Fortunately, there are a number of timelessly classic blooms that will create elegant wedding flowers. Here’s a list of some of the most beautiful and popular wedding flower options.


Perhaps the most traditional of choices, roses are synonymous with romance and beauty. True to their reputation, incorporating roses into your floral arrangements will instantly boost the elegance of your celebration. Plus, with more than 100 varieties, the rose is far from a boring choice. The array of colors and blossom sizes, mean you’re sure to find something that fits the style of your wedding. Roses can also fill your venue with a luxurious floral scent if you select the right ones.

There are three main types of roses usually seen at weddings:

  • Garden Roses: the old-fashioned classic with large, luscious open heads and lots of fragrance
  • Spray Roses: each stem has five to ten small heads giving the buds a natural, more rustic look
  • Hybrid Tea Roses: the uniformly shaped roses generally seen in commercial locations or at your local florist for purchase

While roses are an excellent choice for any time of year, they often come at a price.


Though limited by its seasonality from late spring to early summer, the peony is prized for its delicately full blossoms that add a lovely fragrance and bright color to any celebration. This floral is available in two main varieties: herbaceous, softer and rounder heads, and tree, marked by their woody stems and short life after cutting. In addition, peonies are grown in single, semi-double, and double flower styles, which refer to the fullness of the bloom. Unfortunately, due to its seasonal limitations, the peony is not the cheapest wedding flower, but incorporating it into arrangements adds to the elegance without the cost.


Ranunculus buds are a multi-petaled and luxurious alternative to roses or peonies that may be easier on your budget. The flowers are mildly scented and come in lots of colors such as white, pink, yellow, and orange. These buds give a whimsical and charming style to any arrangement, with each stem providing several blossoms and delicate foliage to help fill out bouquets and arrangements.

Elegant Wedding Flowers Photo Credit // Devon & Pinkett


A popular choice for springtime weddings, tulips are available in many different hues from white and creams to pastel pinks and yellows to bold magentas, reds, and oranges. These classic buds also range in price depending on the varietal of tulip selected and time of year. The three most common tulips used at weddings are:

  • Parrot Tulips: ruffled and striped petals in bold, vibrant colors
  • Dutch Tulips: traditional blossoms seen in your local florist shop
  • French Tulips: an expensive variety with extra-long stems and large tapered blooms

These versatile flowers make an elegant addition to formal or casual wedding settings and represent consuming or happy years, making them a meaningful choice for your celebration.

Calla Lilies

Known for its distinctive trumpet-shaped form, the calla lily is meant to symbolize beauty. With such a purpose, it’s no wonder the creamy ivory blossoms are popular among couples looking to create a timeless elegance at their weddings. These flowers are most often seen in one of two varieties: those with long, smooth stems and a miniature version. The former is best to create tall arrangements and elegant wedding bouquets while the latter is ideal for smaller arrangements, such as boutonnieres. Calla lilies are also available in bolder colors, including dark purple, orange, yellow, and mauve pink, which adds to their versatility.


Similar in style to calla lilies, the gardenia is recognizable by its delicate ivory-colored petals surrounded by waxy, dark green leaves. With its large blossoms, this flower looks elegant on its own or tucked into larger arrangements. It produces a lovely and intoxicating scent. Keep in mind that these blooms must be handled with care to avoid bruising the petals. They are also some of the most expensive blooms available.


Another full and bushy flower, hydrangeas come in a variety of pink, blue, burgundy, purple, green, and white shades. These flowers change shades as they grow due to the acidity of the soil in which they grow, making them a unique and interesting choice. Unlike some of the other blooms on this list, hydrangeas are moderately priced though they also lack a fragrance. While it is also used to fill out other arrangements, the hydrangea can also make a beautifully delicate and elegant wedding bouquet all on its own.

Lily of the Valley

These tiny bell-shaped flowers are often used to fill out larger bouquets and arrangements due to their price. However, their delicate texture and soft fragrance make them an attractive choice all on their own. Lily of the valley is a distinctively petite flower that is most commonly seen in white, though a very rare pale pink is also available, and most plentiful in the spring.

Sweet Peas

Representing “lasting pleasure,” sweet peas are delicate flowers that emit a strong, sweet, candy-like scent from their ruffled blossoms. Used throughout the decades, sweet peas are a classic choice for elegant wedding flowers as part of an arrangement or all on their own. Plus, the playful bloom comes in a wide range of colors from white to vibrant pinks and purples.


A dainty white flower representing “marital happiness,” these star-shaped blooms make an obvious and elegant choice for wedding florals. While the flower itself is moderately priced, the labor needed for your florist to assemble the arrangements may increase the costs. The flowers grow on a vine so must be individually wired or placed onto special holders before they can be arranged. Stephanotis blossoms are available year-round and are mildly scented, which may be why they are one of the most traditional floral choices for a wedding and, specifically, bouquets.

Enhance the Elegance

Beyond choosing classic flowers for your bridal bouquet and arrangements, there are a few styling tips that can help you enhance the elegance of your blooms:

  1. Stick to a Single Color A monochromatic color scheme looks more organized, instantly giving a classic and timeless look. Think white roses or pink peonies.
  2. … and Flower Let a single type of flower be the star of your arrangements. There is something beautifully sophisticated about a single bloom for a bridal bouquet. Like monochrome colors, this trick will give the illusion of organization and simplicity, which is a perfectly classic style.
  3. Simplify Extra Arrangements While the main bouquet should be a priority, making your wedding party bouquets or boutonnieres and other extra arrangements smaller will emphasize others.
  4. Keep it Soft Creating elegant wedding flowers isn’t about making a bold statement, so staying away from bright colors is a must. Focus more on soft and delicate colors like whites and pale pinks, greenery, or blues.

Pair these tips with the tried-and-true buds listed above, and you’ll be sure to have the elegant wedding of your dreams.

Are you worried about the cost of your arrangements? Check out our suggestions to keep your budget in check with our wedding flower checklist, and connect with a local wedding florist that can work within your budget, while helping you achieve your elegant vision. With the help of Zola's vendor directory, find professional wedding florists in Denver, CO to Los Angeles, CA and everything in between.

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