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Welcome to the Zola Community! We hope you'll use this space to ask questions, share advice, and connect with fellow Zola couples. Please read our Community Vows (including our Something Borrowed by Zola Rules) below and help us create a safe, enjoyable space.

Questions? You'll see us floating around. We're here to help, from engagement to newlywed life!


Community Vows

Be kind

Healthy debates are natural, but must be done with kindness. Wedding planning is stressful—let's cheer each other on!

Be respectful

The short: treat others the way you'd like to be treated. The long: no comments degrading race, religion, nationality, culture, political views, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or identity. Don't lose your posting and commenting privileges!

Be inclusive

The Zola Community is home to members who identify as partners, brides, and grooms. Let's include *everyone* in the conversation. Some of our favorite greetings: hey friends, y'all, lovers, couples... you get the idea!

Be on-topic

Stick to wedding planning and newlywed life, please! More specifically, no promotions, spam, buying, or selling. You might crochet a mean placemat, but this is not the place to promote side hustles, businesses, or wedding-related products (your own, or anyone else's).

Be safe

Remember that everything you share is public—even if you delete, deactivate or suspend your Zola account, your Community content will remain. Don't share any sensitive personal information and take caution in sharing your other personal information -- definitely don't share anyone else's. This includes phone numbers, credit cards, and the like.

Something Borrowed by Zola Rules

You know the phrase. Something old, something new, something borrowed… Well, Zola is here to do something new. We're offering Zola couples and guests the chance to give a second life to their wedding-related apparel and accessories. Read on for the rules for participating in the Something Borrowed by Zola Community Topic.

What can I give?

Something Borrowed by Zola is the place to share wedding-related apparel and accessories — think dresses, suits, shoes, earrings, that top hat it turns out you don’t have much use for in everyday life… all the things you wore or brought to your bach party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, next-day brunch, etc. So skip the Halloween costumes, save the family hand-me-downs and definitely nothing offensive, obscene, or illegal (see below for more details on prohibited items).

Can I ask for something that others may have?

Yes! Need a bridesmaid's dress or can't find the perfect shoes in your size? Ask your fellow Community members.

How should I describe the item I'd like to give or receive?

Just be honest! Include a detailed description of the item and some photos. Share your story about the role the item played in your wedding journey. Don't forget to say if the item is for sale or if you're giving it away. And remember, take down your post if the item is unavailable (or at least make that clear to the Community in the comments).

Now for the legal bit: You are responsible for your posts and the items featured in them. By posting an item to give, you represent that you are the owner of the item or otherwise have the right to offer it on Something Borrowed by Zola and that your post and any related comments by you are true, accurate and complete. The following types of items/posts are prohibited: any item or content that violates federal, state or local law or the legal rights of others, including by infringing on others' intellectual property rights; anything containing personal, identifying, confidential or proprietary information; gift cards and vouchers; counterfeit, replicate or pirated items or items subject to government sanctions; stolen property; items subject to recall or safety alerts; hazardous materials; adult products; alcohol; medical and healthcare products; drugs, drug paraphernalia or prescription products; tobacco products; used cosmetics or cosmetics not sold in their original packaging; and weapons, ammunition and explosives.

How do I send or receive an item?

Get in touch! We recommend using your social media handle to start the conversation (if needed, be sure to switch the settings to public so folks can reach out!). But remember, all posts and comments can be seen by everyone in the Zola Community, so please do not provide any unnecessary or sensitive personal information. We reserve the right to monitor all posts and comments and to remove any we feel violate these Something Borrowed by Zola Rules or are otherwise not right for our Community, as determined by Zola in its sole discretion. And, for legal reasons, we need to make you aware that you participate in Something Borrowed by Zola at your own risk. Zola is not responsible for any personal injuries, death, property damage, or other losses, damages or expenses arising from or related to your participation in and use of the Zola Community or Something Borrowed by Zola.

Something Borrowed by Zola is not…

  • A marketplace. Something Borrowed by Zola is a great opportunity to share the love but it's not a marketplace. While we may provide services that enable transactions to occur off of the Something Borrowed by Zola platform, we have no control over and do not guarantee the performance of any person giving, selling, receiving or buying an item – or that someone will actually complete a transaction. For example, if you receive an item, the person who gave it to you isn't required to take it back if it doesn't meet your expectations. If you sell an item that you posted on Something Burrowed by Zola, you're the seller of record and you agree to comply with all applicable tax laws and ordinances. You are solely responsible for all taxes, duties, fees and surcharges (“Taxes and Fees”) that result from your use of Something Borrowed by Zola and for all liabilities taxing jurisdictions may assess as a result of the under remittance or non-remittance of any Taxes and Fees imposed on your products or services.
  • A place for businesses to advertise goods or services. This is a forum for individual members of the Zola Community to connect and share items with one another, not a place to advertise, recruit or promote your business or organization.
  • A place that tolerates fraudulent activity or spam - no bots, fraudulent accounts, trolls, etc. Participate as yourself.
  • Affiliated with any social media or marketplace platform, including without limitation Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Poshmark.


Q: How do I report a post that goes against these Community Vows?

A: Tap on the three dots to report it. We review every reported post to keep this a safe space for all.

Q: Who monitors the Zola Community?

A: Meet Melissa and Ian, our admins! Reach out to them at

Q: The Zola Community uses lots of acronyms. Translation, please?

A: Here's the inside scoop:

FS: Future Spouse
FH/W: Future Husband/Wife
STD: Save the Date
MIL/FMIL: (Future) Mother in Law (ditto, Dads)
MOB/FOB: Mother/Father of the Bride
MOH: Maid/Matron of Honor

And lastly, some more legal jargon...

We may update these Community Vows at any time in our sole discretion and will provide you with notice by posting the amended Community Vows here. By participating in our Community, you agree to these Community Vows (including the Something Borrowed by Zola Rules), and to our Terms of Use, and our Privacy Policy. Zola reserves the right to remove posts and comments, and block you from the Zola Community if you violate these Community Vows and/or our Terms of Use. We may modify or cease operating Zola Community or any portion thereof (including any Community Topic) at any time, without prior notice or liability to you.

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Last Updated: November 10, 2022