#ZolaCouple Jess & Marty, New Yorkers & Newlyweds

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Married this past summer, Marty and Jess dish on who does the cooking and share their secrets for making a cozy home. Read more to get the scoop from these newlyweds.

How did you meet?
We met through a mutual friend who was my good friend from high school and Marty’s close friend in college. We had actually crossed paths a handful of times over college summers, but it wasn’t until after college, living in NYC, that we started spending more time together. After a few dates we actually figured out that my mom and Marty’s dad went to high school together and Marty’s mom grew up in my hometown.

How did you get engaged?
In the exact way I had always wanted! In the comfort of our city apartment. I came home from work on a Friday with the intentions of quickly changing and heading off to a spin class. I had a feeling though…I actually called a friend on my car ride home and said, “can you imagine if I got engaged this weekend?” When I walked in the door, Marty was there waiting with flowers, candles, lit everywhere, and the most romantic, sweet words.


What was the first thing you did after you got engaged?
Well, we cried a little, and then sat in disbelief for a while. Then we made the best decision – not to tell anyone until we had at least a day to enjoy the feeling ourselves without being inundated with calls and texts from our family and friends. We went out to a dinner at our favorite restaurant in the East Village and on the way, Marty brought me by a hole in the wall stamp store where he had another surprise. He had two custom stamps made for his new teacher fiancée (me!) to use in my classroom – one that said my maiden name and one that said my future married name.

What are you most excited for on your registry?
Tough question…we were excited to receive many items we registered for. Maybe the throw from Coyuchi? Or our new set of Canvas Home dishes?

Any tips for balancing wedding planning with your everyday busy life?
Oh man, I’m not sure I have the solution to that. But despite all the stress, in the end, it’s an amazing time. Our saving grace was finding an awesome vendor (for us it was our caterer) who totally got what kind of wedding we wanted and who we really trusted. Then we asked them for recommendations on all our other vendors and every recommendation was spot-on…and the wedding was perfect.


Favorite meal to cook for two?
Pasta with fresh, homemade pesto.

Go-to dinner on a week night?
Crockpot in the winter, and whatever comes in our farm share in the summer!

Cooking or baking?
The chef in our house prefers cooking! 🙂

Who’s the cook between the two of you?
MARTY! I have no business being in the kitchen.

Go-to recipe for dinner parties or potlucks?
Does a cheese plate count?


Tips on decorating when you have people over?
Light a few candles. Marty works for an amazing candle company called LAFCO New York, which makes that easy. Our apartment always smells great and our friends always notice.

Would you rather be the host or the guest?
Definitely the host. We love having friends over.

Favorite cocktail?
Mart’s favorite is an Aperol Spritz. I love a good dirty martini.

Best party you’ve hosted or attended together?
Is it tacky to choose your own wedding?

See some of this #ZolaCouple’s favorite items below and check out their entire registry here. 

1. Kinto Slow Coffee Brewer
2. Coyuchi Cozy Cotton Throw Blanket
3. Design Ideas Water Hyacinth Laundry Basket


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