This Week’s #ZolaCouple Tells Us How To Throw a Party

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This #ZolaCouple is all about bringing friends together for a good time, and we are totally on board.

Caitlin & Kevin suggest prepping a specialty drink when hosting, so guests have something festive to look forward to.  For them, this means making a dark & stormy. To serve their dark & stormies they put together a pretty sleek barware registry, and then shared a few fun ways to play host.

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What’s your party style?

We love inviting people over for a barbeque on our deck.  We usually serve up a big pot of three-bean vegetarian chili — Who doesn’t love a good chili dog?

For dessert, we make Caitlin’s grandmother’s famous pound cake, served with homemade whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Any fun ideas to share?

We once held a Bananagrams tournament and awarded the winners banana-themed prizes: banana pops, banana peppers, bunches of fresh bananas, etc. — that was a huge hit!


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