Sag Harbor Sweethearts and #ZolaCouple: Lacey & Josh

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While Lacey and Josh’s love story starts in a dive bar, their adventure as husband and wife has just begun. Read on to realize how this Zola couple enjoys stress-free adventures, great food, and time spent with loved ones!

How did you meet?
We met at a dive bar called Murf’s Backstreet Tavern in our hometown of Sag Harbor, New York.

How did you get engaged?
We live in Southampton, NY right near a bay, and we have a place we like to kayak to right nearby – we call it our secret beach. We planned on a kayak ride to celebrate our three-year dating anniversary, and he brought the ring and proposed on our secret beach!

What was the first thing you did after you got engaged?
We paddled back to shore where our two best friends, Anthony and Shea, were waiting for us with champagne! Then we walked back to our house and got dressed – Josh had arranged a party bus to come so we all got in and then went and surprised all of our friends and family and picked everyone up! We drove to Sag Harbor Town and watched the Fourth of July fireworks, then we went back to Murf’s where we met.


What are you most excited for on your registry? 
Probably the honeymoon fund!

Any tips on balancing wedding planning with your everyday busy life?
Planning ahead – we tied jute twine around our napkins months before the wedding! And also having a good perspective of it all…we just wanted a party full of the people we love, so we didn’t stress over all the details. And it still came out perfectly!

Favorite meal to cook for two? 
Grilled fish, local corn, tomatoes and burrata with a baguette and balsamic reduction and olive oil.

Favorite Sunday breakfast? 
Josh is the breakfast cook (Lacey cooks everything else) and he makes the best scrambled eggs and mushroom & spinach omelettes!

Cooking or baking? 
We aren’t sweets people. Lacey’s favorite things are pickles and olives, which we had on the tables at the wedding.

Who’s the cook between the two of you? 
Definitely Laceylaceyandjosh2

Go-to recipe for dinner parties or potlucks? 
Brown rice salad, soba noodle salad – things that are good at room temperature that won’t spoil if left out.

Tips on decorating when you have people over? 
Using what’s local and prevalent. We decorated for our wedding with sunflowers, hay bales and corn stalks from the farm stand Serene Green in Sag Harbor.

Favorite cocktail? 
Lacey drinks Sauvignon Blanc and Josh drinks Bud Light, although we both enjoy a good margarita, too!

See some of our favorite items below, and check out their full registry here!


  1. Kate Spade New York Two of a Kind “Ours” Decanter 
  2. Joseph Joseph TriScale Kitchen Scale
  3. Thomas Paul Maritime Hand Towel, Set of 3

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