How To Survive Wedding Season

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It’s officially here! Even if the weather doesn’t feel like it yet, wedding season is in full swing for the next four months. Read on for Zola’s expert tips and tricks to surviving it all.


Get Organized

Organization is key to surviving wedding season. Between all the rehearsal dinners, bachelorette party planning lunches, bridesmaid dress fittings and the actual weddings, you’re about to have a lot of events in the cal. Be sure to use an organizational method that works for you so you can stay on top of all the appointments and ensure you don’t oversleep the weekend of Dani from work’s shower.


Budget Accordingly

Weddings get expensive and not just for the father of the bride. It’s true: flights, hotels, transporation and gifts can all add up for us guests way beyond what we initially imagined. By this point, you probably have some idea of which weekends to reserve for destination weddings, showers and bachelorette parties. We suggest taking an honest look at the next four months and allocate funds for each. Factor in all possible expenses, even pre-party manicures so there are truly no surprises. Once you add up all the numbers, if this means swapping out Girls’ Dinner for Girls’ Coffee a few days this summer, just remember everyone is on the same page.

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Plan Your Outfits Ahead Of Time

Go shopping in your own closet and pay closet attention to the outfits you can revive for the season. Switch up your shoes and accessories to make a new statement with your favorite LBD. Beach wedding? Consider a wedge or a flat sandal with some shine. No need to get your go-to heels stuck in the sand when there are perfectly cute and dress code-appropriate options out there. Just make your life a little easier by taking all aspects into consideration way ahead of time so you don’t have any last-minute “emergencies.”


Enjoy it all! 

Between all the planning, budgeting and logistical aspects of being a wedding guest, make sure you put on a big smile, get on the dance floor and have a blast! Be sure to celebrate all the exciting moments and share the love with the happy couple. And remember to drink an entire bottle of water before bed Saturday night so you can make it for the always-legendary recap brunch Sunday morning.

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