How To Figure Out Your New Orleans Wedding Flower Budget

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New Orleans bride carrying white parasol and bouquet

There are plenty of reasons why you’ve chosen to have your wedding in the spirited city of New Orleans: its vibrant culture, lively music, delicious cuisine, beautiful parks and architecture, and the gorgeous French quarter all majorly appeal to Zola couples. If you have browsed some of our favorite New Orleans weddings, then you’ve likely seen the gorgeous flower arrangements that NOLA florists have created. (If you haven’t, trust us when we say these weddings are worth a look—or two). When it comes down to planning your own special event, the question you’ll undoubtedly face is not which flowers will go best with the style of your wedding, but how to craft a practical flower budget that fits into your overall spending plan for your big day.

pink and white bridal bouquet resting on a wooden side table

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It’s helpful to consider what other New Orleans couples are spending on their wedding flowers and décor in order to settle on a realistic wedding budget. According to New Orleans wedding florist Bobbi from Bobbi Rice Weddings, “A general starting point that most wedding calculators give is 8-10% of your overall budget. But if the bride’s floral wish list is full of large, lush arrangements taken from Pinterest or magazines—the percentage can be a lot more than 10%.”

With that said, Bobbi suggests that the average expense is around $3,500. However, this price can rise very quickly, so it may be wise to budget a bit more, just to be on the safe side. This price includes the whole works: boutonnieres, bouquets, corsages, ceremony decorations, table centerpieces, reception decorations, flower child and ring bearer flowers, and petals. Depending on the style of your New Orleans wedding, you may purchase more or less flowers in one particular area.

What To Expect

Still unsure of how much each arrangement will cost you for your big day? Read on for a breakdown of what New Orleans couples are spending on their wedding flowers.

Bridal bouquet: $100-$150 | Depending on how unique and exquisite your bridal bouquet is, you could spend well over $200. Looking for a way to keep your bridal bouquet cost down? Incorporate your favorite seasonal flowers into your arrangement.

Bridesmaid bouquets: $100-$200 | This again will depend on the types of blooms you want in these bouquets, as well as the number of bridesmaids in your party. If you are looking to have a larger bridal party or elaborate bouquets, be prepared to spend more than $300 total.

Boutonnieres/Corsages: $100-$150 | Depending on the same factors as bridesmaids’ bouquets (more guys at your side, elaborate arrangements, etc.), you could easily spend over $200 on boutonnieres and corsages, so budget accordingly.

Event decorations: $300-$600 | The amount you spend on event decorations can widely vary depending on the size of your venue and the number of tables/display spaces within. However, depending on the amount of decorations you have, you can easily spend $650-$900. If you are looking to reduce your floral budget a bit, get creative and look for non-floral decorations that are meaningful to you and your partner to dress up the space (think: lanterns and candles, favorite books, framed photos, etc.). Also, work with your New Orleans wedding florist to see if it is possible to re-use the arrangements that adorn your ceremony at your reception.

hanging floral arrangement and floral-covered ropes above a new orleans wedding ceremony outside

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Centerpieces: $200-$400 | Some New Orleans couples will spend between $500 and $650 for their centerpiece arrangements and you know the drill by now: it all depends on the size of the arrangements, types of flowers used, and how elaborate each design is. We recommend supplementing this space with vintage bottles, candles of various heights, framed photos, and other non-floral decor. If you need some ideas how to keep these costs down, your New Orleans wedding florists are a great resource.

Flower child and ring bearer: $50-$100 | These may not be not a part of every couple’s bridal party, but if you plan on having a cute little kid walk down the aisle before you, plan on spending between $50-$100 for his or her blooms.

flower girl at wedding wearing white dress with pink rose floral crown and flower basket

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Flower petals: $50-$100 | Some couples dream of walking down an aisle scattered with rose petals and we can’t deny this is pretty damn romantic. However, if this isn’t a deal-maker or breaker, then this is one part of your flower budget you can skip.

It’s also important to consider that although these are the average amounts couples are spending in New Orleans, some will spend more in one area and not spend as much in another. Know what kind of flowers you absolutely want and what you want to stand out on your wedding day. Depending on your personal preferences, you may want to allot more money for your centerpiece arrangements than flower petals, if that is what is important to you.

bride holding bouquet of pink peonies pointing it down at the camera

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Additional Factors To Consider

When budgeting for flowers for your beautiful New Orleans wedding, it is important to remember some important factors that play a large role in determining how much you can expect to spend.

Size of your wedding | This is extremely important because the size of the wedding party directly determines how many bouquets and boutonnieres you will need to purchase, and the number of guests attending the wedding determines how many centerpieces you will need as well. Any wedding professional will tell you that the easiest way to trim extra costs is to reduce the number of guests you invite to your New Orleans affair. We know it can be tough, but your wallet will thank you later.

Type of Flowers | Our expert New Orleans wedding florist, Bobbi Rice, shares, “Another factor to consider is that premium flowers such as peonies and orchids are always more expensive.” Stick with your favorite seasonal flowers, and the price of floral arrangements tend to come down a bit as out-of-season blooms will be exponentially more expensive.

wedding floral centerpiece of white and pink roses and orchids in glass tall vase

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Set Up and Delivery Fees | Other costs that couples tend to overlook are the setup and delivery fees, which you will usually encounter when talking to your local florist. Before signing a contract with a professional, be sure to ask if delivery fees are accounted for in their quote for your arrangements, and if not, ask how much these fees tend to run.

Donations | Bobbi makes another great point about donations, sharing, “Some churches require arrangements for the altar, and that they remain as a donation for the church services the next day—be sure to put that in your budget.” This means you might not be able to recycle your ceremony flowers at your rehearsal, so keep that in mind and plan accordingly.

wedding reception table with bright floral runner and turquoise napkins

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  • Make a list of all the types of flowers and decorations you are interested in having at your New Orleans wedding. What decorations are you planning to display? How large is your wedding? How many bouquets do you need? Be sure to answer all these questions before you start to plan your wedding arrangements to avoid going over budget.
  • Review the general prices for each item that you will need. Remember, we have listed averages; however, there are many factors that influence a price increase, and the blooms you have in mind may be more expensive than the average.
  • A unique way to save on wedding flower costs to is to have your bridesmaids each carry one, gorgeous bloom, instead of a whole bouquet. A single long-stem rose or a stunning peony goes a long way.

Finally, stay organized and on task with Zola’s free wedding planning checklist and prepare to check off your first item.


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